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Publisher: Layouts

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Guides create a grid pattern to make it easier to align content.

To add a guide,

  1. Click the Page Design tab.
  2. In the Layout section, click Guides.
  3. Select either a premade guide pattern or create your own by clicking Grid and Baseline Guides.
    grid pattern
  4. Once you have a guide, you can move it by dragging.
  5. To delete a guide, right click on the guide and click Delete.

Duplicate Pages

Duplicating pages creates a replicate of the current page.

  1. Right click on the page you would like to duplicate in the Pages section of Publisher.
  2. Click Insert Duplicate Page.
    duplicate page

View Two-Page Spread

View Two-Page Spread allows you to view two pages side-by side. You must have at least two pages to use this feature.

  1. Right click on the pages you’d like to see side-by-side in the Pages section.
  2. Select View Two-Page Spread.
    view two-page spread

Page Numbers

Use this feature to add numbers to the pages of your document.

  1. Click the Insert page.
  2. Under the Header & Footer section, click Page Number.
  3. If cursor is in a text box, a page number can be inserted directly into the text box by clicking Insert in Current Text Box.
    insert in text box
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