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Practice Directive: Project Evaluation

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Project Evaluation Practice Directive

Division: Finance and Administration

Department: Facilities - Planning & Construction

Contact Information: Facilities Assistant Director / Renee Strehlau / (715) 836-3402 /

Effective Date: October 1, 2021

Revised Date:


Regent Policy Document(s): Regent Policy Document 19-4 (formerly 85-6): Delegation of Authority for Small Project Requests , Regent Policy Document 19-8 (formerly 90-3): Funding of University Facilities Capital Costs , Regent Policy Document 19-12 (formerly 92-10): Oversight of Facilities Constructed for University Purposes , Regent Policy Document 19-15 (formerly 99-1): Physical Development Principles , Regent Policy Document 19-16: Building Program Planning and Approval

State of Wisconsin Building Commission: Policy and Procedure Manual Ch. IV: Minor Project Approval, Sections D-F

Wisconsin State Legislature: Wisconsin State Statute 13.48: Long-range public building program , Wisconsin State Statute 13.48(29): Simplified Policies and Procedures for Construction Projects , Wisconsin State Statute 16.85(12): Subchapter V, Engineering , Wisconsin State Statute 20.924: Subchapter X, Building Program Execution , Wisconsin State Statute 36.09 Responsibilities (1)(f) , Wisconsin State Statute 36.09 Responsibilities (2)(a) , Wisconsin State Statute 36.09 Responsibilities (3)(a) , Wisconsin State Statute 36.11 (1)(a) , Wisconsin State Statute 36.11 (1)(b) , Wisconsin State Statute 36.29(7)


The purpose of this Practice Directive is to comply with Regent and State policies, in addition to describing the campus procedures that support their compliance. This Practice Directive will optimize University spaces and facilities by implementing a comprehensive planning and management system and govern its decision processes.


  • All space additions, changes or enhancements must be reviewed for need and alignment with the campus master plan, university and academic strategic plans, and the financial plan.
  • Space is a campus resource to be utilized and optimized to best meet the overall mission of the university; space is not the permanent property of a particular program, unit, department, college or division.
  • All space planning must consider the campus eco-system and the impacts that any additions, changes or enhancements may have on other programs and ongoing maintenance.

Review the following information before initiating a project:

  • Project definition: Any request that modifies a physical space whether through changes in signage, occupancy, use, equipment, or physical infrastructure.
  • Project owner: The “project owner” is typically the department that initiates the project. The head of the department is the project owner and initiates the request.
  • Project sponsor: Your division’s Vice Chancellor is the project sponsor. Support from the project sponsor is required to proceed to project evaluation.
  • Project evaluation: All proposals will be reviewed with attention to long-term campus strategic goals, financial viability, scope, and schedule.

Space Planning Principles

  • Follow UW System guidelines for types of offices and square foot per occupant
  • Minimize financial impact, rethink, and optimize existing spaces before requesting remodeling
  • Follow sustainability goals
  • Encourage Workplace Wellness, provide collaborative and flexible spaces with shared/schedulable quiet spaces. Construction of walls will be limited, only used when all other alternatives have been explored.
  • When moves are required, furniture shall remain in its current location to the extent possible. Workstation chair and boxed materials will move with occupants.
  • All conference rooms and breakrooms shall be shared resources. Conference rooms shall be schedulable through Outlook.


Project Evaluation Request Procedure

Project Evaluation Request Eform

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