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Practice Directive: Workplace Wellbeing and Remote Working (Telecommuting)

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Workplace Wellbeing Practice Directive for Academic and University Staff

Division: Finance and Administration

Department: Human Resources

Contact Information: Director of Human Resources / David Miller / (715) 836-4323 /

Effective Date: 6/15/2021

Revised Date: N/A


UW System Administrative Policy Document(s): Standard Office Hours, Legal Holidays and Other UW System Institution Closures 1227, Telecommuting 1228, Workplace Safety 1230, FLSA Designation 1253, Code of Ethics 1290, Workplace Conduct Expectations 1292

Regents Policy Document(s): Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources 25-3, Information Technology: Information Security 25-5
UW-Eau Claire Practice Directive(s): Project Evaluation Request (in Draft)


The University is committed to making employee wellbeing a university-wide priority and we want to ensure our campuses provide a supportive and healthy workplace. We also want supervisors and managers to lead with a growth mindset.

What is wellbeing?
We take a holistic approach to wellbeing. It isn't just physical fitness or eating well. It's about how people's lives are going. Wellbeing encompasses all the things that are important to each of us and how we experience our lives. Wellbeing needs differ by individual employee, but include:

• Support wellbeing across the lifespan

• Support care giving and workplace flexibility

• Encourage healthy choices and practices

• Support supervisors in creating an affirming workplace

What is growth mindset?
Growth mindset speaks to the underlying belief that a person has about failure and success. Individuals who adopt the growth mindset invest time and effort to understand why they failed and rebound from setbacks quickly, while those with fixed mindsets believe their successes and failures are inextricably tied to their personal identities. The key to improved management and higher achievement via the growth mindset lies with managers and supervisors focusing on process more than the individual employee ability and has quantifiable results for achievement. The elements of our growth mindset model include modeling, coaching, and caring:

Modeling means to live UWEC core principles and values and be a demonstrable example for employees. Managers should show that they practice growth mindset so that their employees have a framework for how to approach problems and recover from setbacks.

Coaching is about defining team objectives and helping the team adapt and learn to achieve the objectives. Managers should create an environment where employees are empowered to take initiative, able to learn from their mistakes, and can emphasize their potential to grow and learn.

Caring means that managers have an expectation and a responsibility to care. That means doing things like attracting and retaining great people, knowing each person's capabilities and aspirations, and investing in the growth of others.


This UWEC Practice Directive and associated Procedure documents, as well as UW System’s Telecommuting Guidelines for Supervisors, describe how we will provide flexible work practices and support supervisors in creating an affirming workplace:

  1. We will have a process for employees to request to work partial or total remote work.
  2. We will cultivate a creative work environment that promotes collaboration.
  3. We will be good stewards of space and resources.
  4. We will have a process to evaluate alternative work schedules, and if implemented will ensure that customer service levels and work outputs are being met.
  5. Managers will operate from a place of trust and will verify based on quality of work and meeting goals and objectives.
  6. We will provide support to supervisors and managers to help them to Model, Coach and Care for the wellbeing of all employees.
  7. Training will support how to manage remote work, flextime work, shifts, and job sharing to maximize employee engagement and performance.


Remote working (Telecommuting) Request Procedure

UW System Telecommuting Guidelines for Supervisors

Flexible Questionnaire

Alternative Work Week Schedule Request Procedure

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