Policies: Viennese Ball Committee

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The purpose of the Viennese Ball Committee is:
  1. To recommend policies to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for the production of the annual Viennese Ball, including student attendance.
  2. To actively participate in the planning and production of the annual Viennese Ball.
  3. To promote goodwill, understanding, and cooperation in university, community and international relations through the production of the Viennese Ball.
  4. To assist in the recruitment of a corps of campus and community volunteers who will participate in production activities for the Viennese Ball.
  5. To recommend uses of net revenues and donations for awards and scholarships.


  1. Four members of the faculty, academic staff and/or classified staff.
  2. Four representatives from the community.
  3. Eight students.
  4. Ex officio (voting): 
  • Director of University Centers or designee.
  • Arts/Special Events Coordinator (Executive Director of the Viennese Ball).
  • Conference and Reservations Manager.
  • Technical Services Manager.
  • Chair of the Department of Music and Theatre Arts.
  • Director of the Center for International Education.
  • President of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation or designee.
  1. Ex officio Advisory Staff (non-voting):
  • Assistant Arts/Special Events Coordinator.
  • University Dining Services Director.
  • Program Assistant from Activities and Programs.
  • Financial Specialist from Activities and Programs.
  • Student Manager of the University Usher Corps.
  • Student Manager on Duty (SMOD) supervisor.


Executive Director of the Viennese Ball.


Three years, rotating.

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