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Policies: University Staff Title Change

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The purpose of this policy is to provide the basis for a title change of a filled position for University Staff.

The UW System Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the official title and salary grade structure for university staff positions. Official titles are assigned on the basis of functions performed in the position to ensure that the title structure is consistently applied among the institutions.

Title Changes:
Positions are assigned official titles based on position functions. The purpose of establishing an official title for each position or group of positions is to permit comparability of substantially similar positions across institutions and academic and administrative units. To ensure that titles assigned to filled positions are consistent and accurate, the review of formal title assignments will be on an ongoing basis and will be based on current position descriptions. The title change of a filled position may occur as a result of a substantive change in duties or progression within a title series. When functions of a filled position evolve over time such that the current title is no longer the “best fit”, or the incumbent gains a certain level of experience, a title change of the filled position may result. This process is identified either as a job re-titling, or a promotion/progression.

Re-titling as a result of a change in duties: Re-titling of a position occurs when there has been a substantive change in the duties and/or scope of responsibilities. The position has evolved over time, and the changes must be related to, or an extension of, the functions initially assigned to a position. Examples of such a title change would be University Services Associate 1 to University Services Associate 2 within University Staff title structure.

Promotion/Career Progression: Promotion/career progression is natural advancement within the area of specialty of the position, based on the incumbent’s successively greater experience, expertise, applied ability and responsibility within the title series. While there is an expectation that the position and incumbent will progress through different levels associated with the title series, the specific criteria and timeframes for progression may vary depending upon the functions of the position.

The effective date of any such approved retitling shall be the first day of the bi-weekly payroll period following receipt of the complete title review packet by the Department of Human Resources.

The title of a filled position also may change as a result of the following:

Voluntary Reassignment of Formerly Classified FLSA-Exempt Employee to Academic Staff/Limited Position: A voluntary reassignment to an Academic Staff/Limited position may result in a title change. See UPS OP-TR3 for additional details.

Creation of New Titles as a Result of a Survey or Study: When new titles and title definitions are created as a result of a survey or study, filled positions with functions related to a new title are reviewed. If following the review, a new title and title definition better fits the responsibilities of the position, the title of the filled position is changed.

If the use of working titles does not offer adequate response to emerging needs, UW-Eau Claire may submit requests for additions, deletions or modifications to the official title structure to the UW System Administration, Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity.


When a requested title review results in either a proposal of an alternate title from what was requested, or a denial of a title change, the party initiating the request for title review may request an appeal of the determination (link to process).

As required by Regent Resolution #5980, UW System Administration will exercise its authority to resolve title assignment problems in the event a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved at the institution level.


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