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Policies: Title Change

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Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide the basis for a title change of a filled position for all employee categories.

Policy Background

Unclassified Personnel Guideline #1 identified unclassified title definitions and levels associated with those titles. It also provided guidelines related to title changes of filled positions as a result of job reclassification (major changes in duties) and promotion/career progression (greater experience, expertise, and applied ability in a particular specialty area).

Historically the title of a filled classified permanent position could only be changed when specific criteria regarding duties and responsibilities of the position and the incumbent are met or under other limited circumstances such as creation of new titles. Wis. Stat. § 230.09(2) and Chapter ER 3 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code describe reclassification and reallocation transactions for classified positions that change the title of a filled position when the actual job duties and responsibilities no longer match the title.

Policy Under Review

Policy 1257 Title Change is currently under review and expected to be replaced with the Job Library in Early 2023.

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