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We foster in one another creativity, critical insight, empathy, and intellectual courage, the hallmarks of a transformative liberal education and the foundation for active citizenship and lifelong inquiry.

We fulfill our mission through a pervasive university commitment to provide:

  • Rigorous, intentional and experiential undergraduate liberal education for life and livelihood
  • Strong, distinctive professional and graduate programs that build on and strengthen our proud tradition of liberal education
  • Multicultural and international learning experiences for a diverse world
  • Exemplary student-faculty research and scholarship that enhance teaching and learning
  • An inclusive campus community that challenges students to develop their intellectual, personal, cultural, and social competencies
  • Educational opportunities responsive to the needs of our communities, state, region and beyond
  • Academic leadership in transforming liberal education.

The University offers undergraduate programs and degrees in the arts, humanities, social sciences, health sciences, sciences, select engineering fields, education, nursing, and business. The institution also offers graduate programs related to areas of strength within the institution, including business, education, nursing, human sciences, humanities,and sciences.

UW-Eau Claire mission statement amended by UWS Board of Regents Res. 8623, adopted 11/8/2002; Res. 9774, adopted 6/11/2010; and Res. 10716, adopted 6/10/2016.

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