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Policies: Telecommuting Guidelines

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UW-Eau Claire recognizes the value and benefit of telecommuting. In the furtherance of this recognition, UW-Eau Claire works for the development and implementation of telecommuting in appropriate work environments.

Telecommuting is a flexible, voluntary work option that allows employees to work a portion of a normal work week/pay period at an alternative work site on a regular basis as agreed upon in writing between the individual and UW – Eau Claire for a specified period of time.

UW-Eau Claire believes extending the work place is a viable alternative work arrangement in certain instances. This voluntary telecommuting program is intended to be an innovative work option that benefits the University as well as the employee. Telecommuting is a cooperative arrangement between the employee and the employer. It is not a basic right of all employees. A telecommuting arrangement is based on the needs of the University and on the employee’s past and present levels of performance.

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