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Policies: Smoking at UW-Eau Claire

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UW-Eau Claire Smoking Policy

Last updated date July 22, 2020

To protect the health of our campus community, we have adopted the following smoking policy. This

smoking policy applies to the use of the following products:

  • Cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes (a.k.a. vape pens, JUUL, and any other electronic nicotine delivery system)
  • Hookah
  • Cigars and cigarillos
  • Tobacco pipes
  • Any other smoked product

Per Wisconsin State Statutes and City of Eau Claire ordinances, smoking indoors is prohibited in all UW-Eau Claire buildings. Smoking is prohibited on campus except in the following areas:

  • City-owned streets
  • The following areas:
    • The loading docks at: Brewer/Zorn Arena, Davies Center, Hilltop, Haas Fine Arts (west loading dock), Human Sciences & Services, Maintenance/Central Stores, McIntyre Library, McPhee, and Phillips Hall
    • Hibbard Hall: west end of small parking lot on the north side of the building
    • Chancellors Hall: west side near dumpsters
    • Sutherland Hall: north side at fire pit
    • The shelters east of Towers Hall, north of Horan Hall, south of Sutherland Hall, and south of Putnam Hall
  • The Chancellor or designee may:
    • Designate additional permanent smoking areas
    • Designate temporary smoking areas
    • Eliminate existing smoking areas
  • Ash receptacles shall be located only where smoking is permitted

Permitted Smoking Areas

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