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Policies: Outside Financial and In-Kind Support

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This policy is designed to assist in determining whether or not it is appropriate for the University and its facilities to be associated with, or used by, certain products, commercial enterprises, or private agencies. This policy addresses only that support received directly by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and not through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

The University name, official seal or logo, and facilities may be identified with a commercial enterprise or private agency upon prior approval of the Chancellor or designee. Such association is limited to the program or event receiving support and does not constitute an endorsement of the aims, policies, programs, products, or opinions of the assisting organization. If questions concerning the appropriateness of accepting support are raised, the Chancellor shall make the final determination.

University groups (fee-funded activities, colleges, departments, units, and offices) and other groups such as recognized student organizations, etc. holding or publicizing events in or on University facilities may accept sponsorship support. This assistance may be acknowledged through a co-sponsorship title or a sponsor’s listing in publicity and printed programs. (The co-sponsors name should be secondary to the University name on all publicity.)

Sponsorship cannot be accepted for tobacco or alcoholic beverage products or from their distributors.

Off-campus events co-sponsored by either tobacco or alcoholic beverage products may not be publicized on campus. The sole exception to this policy is the possibility of paid advertisements in the Spectator.

Periodically, the Chancellor may convene interested parties to review this policy and the excluded products or associations. Based on the mission of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the UW System, and State of Wisconsin policies and practices, this group will recommend modifications in the policy to the Chancellor.

Source: Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich, 10/08/08

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