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Policies: Minor Protection and Adult Leadership

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To provide for appropriate supervision of minors not enrolled or accepted for enrollment at UW institution who are involved in University-sponsored programs, programs held at the University via written agreement or sponsorship and/or programs housed in University facilities at all geographic locations. Supervision of minors who are subjects in University research is addressed by the Institutional Review Board process and is not addressed by this policy.

This policy also does not apply to general public events or locations that are generally open to the public, such as arboretums and unions, and where parents/guardians are invited and expected to provide supervision of minors.

The University System has adopted the following policies for the safety and well-being of minors that attend our various programs for minors. These policies are primarily for the protection of minors; however, they also serve to protect adult employees and volunteers.

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Policy Under Review

Policy is in revision with expected update effective 3/1/2023.

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