Policies: Audiovisual Support for Scholarly Activities

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The purpose of Scholarly Activity funding is to encourage members of the University community to participate in professional activities and extend their knowledge base beyond the campus. In order to offer resources to as many individuals as possible you are asked to plan your activity and expenditure carefully. Staff is available to assist you in this process.

Conditions and Policies:

Funding for Scholarly Activity audiovisual support through Learning and Technology Services will be granted to members of the University community, including students, providing the requestor:

  1. Has a continuing contract for employment at UW-Eau Claire.

  2. Has attached a confirmation of a presentation or publication guidelines (students must be identified with a faculty collaborator) for a regional, state or national professional activity.

  3. Will not receive any other funding (through grants or contracts) or royalties/profits for this activity.

  4. Is not receiving an honorarium that is greater than travel expenses.

  5. Asked for one set of materials only. Additional copies will be charged at the appropriate rate.

  6. Has obtained his or her department chair's/ administrator's approval prior to commencing production.

  7. Reviewed needs with LTS staff and deadlines are within normal LTS production schedules.

If any of conditions l-7 above are not met, support may still be available on a cost-recovery chargeback basis. See LTS for specific details. Additional funding sources might include your department/unit or dean.

August 20, 1993

  • Print and fill out any of the forms (below).
  • Have your Chairperson or Unit Administrator complete the appropriate section.
  • Bring the completed form and attached documentation to your arranged meeting with the LTS staff person(s).

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