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Office 365: Microsoft Teams Introduction

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A Few Items You Will Need to Know to Get Started on Microsoft Teams:

What is it?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application that assists your team or department in staying connected and organized from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Teams helps you keep track of conversations, store files, share calendars, and schedule video calls, to list just some of its capabilities.

Microsoft Teams Video Training:

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide: Microsoft Teams

How Do I Install Microsoft Teams?

UNIVERSITY RESOURCES: Please utilize Self Service or Software Center

PERSONAL COMPUTERS AND OTHER DEVICES: Log into and download the client from the top-right menu.

How Do I get a Microsoft Team?

To request a new Microsoft Team for your department or a project you are working on, please contact our Help Desk at or 36-5711 to get a Team created for you. NOTE: This usually takes under two working days.

What is a Channel in Teams?

Channels in Teams are like folders in SharePoint or a shared drive. For example, a Team may be a department with Channels for Administration, Committees, Projects, Task Forces, and Staff. Each Channel has its own Chat and Files tabs, keeping information between the Channels separate.

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