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Office 365: Teams

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Microsoft TEAMS

What is it?

TEAMS is a collaboration application that lets your team or department stay organized from anywhere in the world. It lets you keep track of conversations, store files, share calendars, and schedule video calls, to list just some of its capabilities.

The link below is a great two and a half minute video on what TEAMS is and how to use it.

Click Here

How do I get a TEAMS site?

If you want to create a new TEAMS site for your department, or a project you are working on, please contact our Help Desk at 36-5711 to get a TEAMS site created for you.
NOTE: This usually takes under two working days.

How do I install TEAMS?

If you have a university-owned computer. Please go to Software Center App on a PC or Self Service on a Mac and enter TEAMS in the Search box.

Click on TEAMS to install

  1. You can use TEAMS through your web browser by going to or clicking on a TEAMS invite and select Join on the web instead
  2. A better way is to install the TEAMS application on your PC/Mac/iPhone/Android phone
  • To install on a Mac or a PC go to
    • Sign in and select Download the app
  • For the iPhone version go to the Apple Store
    • Search for “Microsoft TEAMS”
    • Then download the app
  • For the Android version go to the Google Play Store
    • Search for “Microsoft TEAMS”
    • Then download the app

Teams Quick Start Guide

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