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Kaltura: Move Videos from the D2L Kaltura Site to the Canvas Kaltura Site

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With the move from D2L to Canvas, we also have a new Kaltura site which is integrated with Canvas. Here are instructions.

All Kaltura videos uploaded and shared via D2L or will need to be re-embedded in Canvas or re-linked if used elsewhere.


  • On March 29, 2019, instructor videos that did not appear to be copyright-protected films were copied over to the new Kaltura site for use in Canvas.
  • On May 28, 2019, all courses will be in Canvas and the old Kaltura site will not allow new uploads.
  • Videos created in in the old Kaltura site between March 20 and May 28 will be copied to the new Kaltura the week of May 28th. If you need them sooner, email April Pierson (
  • The old Kaltura site will be available in read-only mode until December 31, 2019; links (URLs) to the old Kaltura will work until this point.

It is important for instructors to look at what is in their new Kaltura account to determine if materials are missing with ample time to find them. Some videos in courses may not have been in your Kaltura account if you inherited a D2L course, used a generic account, or used student work.

Here are some steps instructors can take to obtain missing or alternate materials:

  • Check out McIntyre Library’s streaming media guide to search for films you are currently using or comparable alternatives. The library is offering more streaming services and may have even better options than you had been using.
  • Contact the E-resources librarian, Roxanne Backowski, to see if purchasing a streamed copy of your film is possible.
  • Show a DVD in class (test it ahead of time and contact the LTS Help Desk if you have problems).
  • If you just need clips rather than the whole film, Rob Mattison can trim it and put it on Kaltura as permitted by copyright policy.
  • You can continue linking to anything freely available on the internet, such as YouTube.
  • Search Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other sites for your film or a comparable alternative. However, you’ll need to indicate students need the streaming site for class at the time of registration, comparable to requiring a book for purchase.
  • If you are teaching this summer or fall and cannot find what you need, you can use unlisted URLs to the old Kaltura site as a temporary solution. Here are instructions to change the privacy of a video to unlisted (an essential step or students will not be able to access links although they may work for you).
  • If a film you need for teaching is unavailable via any of the above options, it may be possible to stream it under fair use provisions. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Need help?

  • Contact the Kaltura administrator, April Pierson (, with questions or if you need assistance finding Kaltura videos used in your D2L course. It is possible to search for the title and locate the original owner if necessary.
  • View the Kaltura guides for information on how to upload and share videos.

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