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(Archives) Microsoft Word 2007: Equation Editor Options

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This article is based on legacy software.

While using the Word 2007 Equation Editor, you may want to change your expression's appearance, justification, or other formatting options. This document illustrates how to format your mathematical expression.

Formatting Mathematical Expressions

Once you have created your mathematical expression, you may want to change how it looks.

  1. In the Equation Editor, click the Formatting pull-down list down arrow
    A list of formatting options appears.
    formatting options appears
    The following table describes each option's function:

Image Option Function
save as new equation Save as New Equation... Saves the equation into Word's list of built-in equations
NOTE: Refer to Saving Custom Equations for more information.
professional button Professional Displays the equation in two or more lines
EXAMPLE: equation in two lines
Linear Linear Displays the equation in a single line
EXAMPLE: equation on one line
Change to Display/Change to Inline Toggles the equation between Display (i.e., centered) and Inline (i.e., flush left)
NOTE: Depending on the functions and operators in the equation, the equation may shrink when switching from Display to Inline.
Justification Aligns the equation Left, Right, Centered, or Centered as a Group
NOTE: To activate the Justification option, the Change to Display/Change to Inline option must be set to Display.

Advanced Editing Options

The Equation Options dialog box offers more formatting options, such as changing math fonts and justification within the Equation text box.

  1. From the Insert menu, in the Symbols group, click EQUATION equation button
    Select your equation

  2. From the Design command tab, in the Tools group, click EQUATION OPTIONS equation options
    The Equation Options dialog box appears.
    equation options

  3. Make the desired changes

  4. OPTIONAL: To change the default settings to the current selected settings
    1. Click DEFAULTS...
      A confirmation dialog box appears.
    2. Click YES

  5. Click OK

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