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(Archives) Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Forms: Working with Drop-Down Boxes

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This article is based on legacy software.

Drop-down boxes allow users to select one or more options from a list of items. To use this form field, you will have to insert it into your form and assign a name-value pair. When users submit a form, the inputs they entered must go to you via email, or to a database or text file. Name-value pairs are used to pass these form inputs to the script or form handler, and then to you by matching the user's form inputs to the form field that requested it.

NOTE: For more information about working with form fields, please refer to Inserting the First Form Field, Opening the Form Field Properties Dialog Box, and Terminology.

Inserting a Drop-Down Box

  1. Open a FrontPage document.

  2. Within the form boundary, place your insertion point where you want to insert the form field.

  3. From the Insert menu, select Form » Drop-Down Box.
    A drop-down field appears.
    drop down box

  4. Before or after the drop-down box, type the desired text.

  5. Proceed with Assigning the Name-Value Pair below.

Assigning the Name-Value Pair

The name of a form field indicates what type of information you are prompting the user for or identifies what question you were asking the user. For example, a list of menu items that are all answers to the same question about UW-Eau Claire may have the name "UWEC," which corresponds to the values of the different menu items.

The value of the form field identifies what option the drop-down item represented for the user. For example, the location option below is an option to answer "location" in response to the question and has the value "location". FrontPage will automatically set the text you enter in the Choice text box as the list item's value.

When a user submits the form, the inputs are sent to the owner of the form via email; the value of the drop-down box field will be matched with the name of the drop-down box field. The information the owner receives may look like this:

name: value

Therefore, the name UWEC identifies what question was being asked and the values indicate what the users answered for the particular question.


To Assign the Name-Value Pair

  1. Insert a drop-down box.

  2. Double click the drop-down box.
    Right click the drop-down box » select Form Field Properties...
    The Drop-Down Box Properties dialog box appears.
    drop down box properties

  3. In the Name text box, type a name.

  4. To enter your list items, click Add...
    The Add Choice dialog box appears.
    add choice

  5. In the Choice text box, type the name of your list item.
    NOTE: This is the text that users see. By default, this will be set as the item's value.

  6. (Optional) To specify a value other than the default,
    1. Select Specify Value.
    2. Type the value.

  7. Click OK.
    You are returned to the Drop-Down Properties dialog box.
    NOTE: The name you typed appears in the Choice list.

  8. To add more list items, repeat steps 5-8 as necessary.

  9. To rearrange the order, from the Choice list, select the item and click Move Up or Move Down.

  10. (Optional) In the Height text box, type the desired height.
    The height adjusts the number of items that are visible in the drop-down box.

  11. (Optional) To permit multiple selections by a user, from Allow multiple selections, select Yes.

  12. Click OK.

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