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KEPRO EAP 1-1-21

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Frequently Asked Questions
for Employees

Contact Information: Toll-free: (833) 539-7285 or TTY: (877) 334-0499
Website:, (code: SOWI)

The State of Wisconsin and the UW System are partnering with Kepro to provide EAP services effective January 1, 2021. EAP services includes in-person and virtual counseling sessions, referrals to community resources, supervisory consultations, crisis support, and work life referrals. Kepro’s services will allow eligible UW System employees, and their household members to access EAP counseling sessions through a large network of EAP professionals.

Note: This document provides answers to questions employees may have as the EAP services transition to Kepro.

1. Who is Kepro?
Kepro is a leading quality improvement and care management organization that has been delivering EAP services for 25 years. These services extend to over one million lives and provide services to multiple states and municipalities across the United States.

2. When can I contact Kepro for services?
Program services with Kepro go live on January 1, 2021. You may contact Kepro via the toll-free number, (833) 539-7285, to schedule an appointment with a Kepro network provider on/after January 1.
Note: After December 31, 2020 FEI should no longer be contacted for EAP services.

3. Who is eligible for EAP services?
Most UW System employees and their household family members are eligible for EAP services.
If you are in a Graduate or Student Help position, you are not eligible for the EAP with Kepro; however, similar services are available through your institution’s student health services and SilverCloud, a self-guided interactive mental health resource.

4. When are EAP service available?
EAP services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

5. Does Kepro share my personal information with my employer?
No. As required per the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all information shared with Kepro and the EAP provider network is confidential and is not shared with anyone without your written authorization and consent. To learn more, request a copy of Kepro’s privacy statement by contacting them at the toll free number listed below.

6. What services are included in the EAP?
EAP services include but are not limited to counseling for personal/emotional challenges, family caregiving services, legal and financial services, convenience and work-life services and online tools/information. For more information, visit, (code: SOWI). You will need to create an account to access Kepro’s online resources.

7. Does Kepro offer video counseling or virtual EAP sessions?
Yes, Kepro has a national network of credentialed EAP professionals, including a robust network of providers in the State of Wisconsin, who are available to deliver services via a secure platform in the jurisdiction or state where they are independently licensed.

8. What happens when I call the EAP toll-free number to initiate services?
During the initial call, the EAP professional will collect information about the nature of your request, evaluate needs for immediate support and locate resources and/or a local EAP professional for you to meet with in-person or virtually.

9. If I am currently receiving EAP services from the current vendor (FEI), what do I need to do to continue my services with the new vendor (Kepro)?
If you are currently receiving EAP services from FEI, you may continue any authorized sessions through December 31, 2020. Then, on/after January 1, 2021 any future EAP services should be coordinated through Kepro. To initiate services with on/after January 1, 2021, contact Kepro at the tollfree number available below. You may also want to talk to your current counselor to see if they are in Kepro’s network. If they are not already in Kepro’s network, you can encourage them to join. See the next question and answer for additional information.

10. If the provider I am seeing is not affiliated with Kepro, how do I request that they be added to their network?
If you have a provider you would like to be considered for the Kepro provider network, you may email your request to or call Kepro at the tollfree number provided below. In your request, include the provider’s name, city, and phone number (if available). Kepro will then contact the provider to walk them through the
process of joining the Kepro network. Note: Making a request does not guarantee approval.

11. What is Kepro’s website address?
The website is (code: SOWI). Kepro’s website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will need to establish a unique login and password the first time you visit the site.

12. What information is available on Kepro’s website?
The website provides tools and information to address life’s everyday concerns. The site is anonymous, confidential, and secure. You will find research articles, self-paced trainings, monthly webinars, legal and financial resources, and much more.

13. What are the legal and financial services offered through the EAP?
You and your household family members can schedule a free, first-time consultation (up to 30 minutes) with an attorney on a variety of legal concerns. After the initial consultation, a 25% discount off the attorney’s regular hourly fee will apply on subsequent services from that consultation. You have access to all areas of law.

You and your household family members can also schedule a free, first-time telephonic consultation (up to 30 minutes) with a financial counselor. These services are provided by seasoned financial professionals and licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). After the initial telephonic consultation with the CPA, a 25% discount off the CPAs regular hourly fee will apply on subsequent services arising from that initial consultation.

Telephone consultations for legal and financial services are limited to 30 minutes, per person per unique issue per year.

14. Is there a mobile App?
Yes, Kepro has a mobile app that provides the same robust resource offerings and features accessible on the website. You may download the app to your mobile device with the QR code or the website URL address.

15. Are there work-life/convenience resources available through the EAP?
Yes, you may access Kepro’s work-life/convenience resources by calling the toll-free number provided below or by using the website or mobile app to do a self-guided search.

16. Does Kepro provide EAP services in other languages?
Kepro offers services in more than 100 different languages through a translation line. Dial the same dedicated toll-free phone number, (833) 539-7285 to access the translation line.

17. How does Kepro provide services for the deaf and/or hearing impaired?
TTY or Relay services are available to assist deaf and/or hearing-impaired individuals. There are also EAP professionals that are proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) or have experience in partnering with an interpreter service to deliver counseling services for the deaf/hearing-impaired. The Kepro EAP TTY telephone number is available below.

18. How do I contact the EAP?
The contact information on/after January 1, 2021 is:
Toll-free: (833) 539-7285 or
TTY: (877) 334-0499
Website:, (code: SOWI)

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