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KB: Set Up Your Account

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After a knowledge base administrator has initiated your account, you will receive an email from KnowledgeOwl, our knowledge base content management system (CMS). From there, you will have to complete the account setup process.

  1. Open the email account invitation from KnowledgeOwl.
  2. Click the link or navigate to
    KnowledgeOwl Email
  3. Type your university email address in the Email field.
  4. Type (or copy and paste) the temporary password specified in the KnowlegeOwl email in the Password field.
  5. Click Login.
    Click login
  6. Type your desired password in the New Password field.
  7. Re-type your password in the Repeat Password field.
  8. Click Save New Password.
    Click Save New Password
  9. Either close the Welcome to the Quick Tour window or begin the tour by clicking the Next Step button.