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Kaltura: YouTube Integration

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Kaltura My Media offers a feature to "save" YouTube videos in your Kaltura My Media account and share/embed them as you would any other Kaltura video. While this feature does not download the video and requires that the original YouTube video to exist it provides two major advantages:

  • It removes advertisements!
  • It allows you to organize/bookmark YouTube videos along with your Kaltura videos.

How to display captions: It is necessary to open YouTube in the browser, turn on captions there, and then they will play through Kaltura. It is also possible for students viewing it on their own to click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right and open it on YouTube to view the captions (although then they would be subjected to the advertisements again).

Here are instructions to add a YouTube video to Kaltura:

  1. To save a YouTube video in My Media, you can access it in two ways:
    • Go to My Media (Kaltura) through the Account > My Media in Canvas navigation
    • Find in your course where you want the YouTube video and edit that page to show the rich content editor (seen in the picture).
  2. To access it, click the My Media icon (above), select the "Add New" button and drop down to YouTube.
  3. If you are in a Canvas course, at this point you will need to check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Paste the URL from YouTube into the text entry box.
  5. Click Preview. Kaltura will append the URL to just keep the ID of the YouTube video.
  6. Optional: Modify the title and description. It automatically pulls in the YouTube description.
  7. Click on the blue </> Save and Embed button on the top right to add it on a Canvas page or Save when adding directly to My Media.

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