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Kaltura: Webcam Recorder

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How to Record with Kaltura’s Webcam Recorder

Kaltura’s webcam recorder works in any WebRTC-Enabled internet browser and does not require a separate download to use. Google Chrome is recommended. Safari and Internet Explorer will not work.

  1. Login to Canvas and access the tool in which you want to share/embed your video or audio (assignment, discussion, page, announcement, etc). Click Edit or Reply to access the Rich Content Editor.
  2. In the Rich Content Editor, click the My Media icon. My Media icon
  3. Once in My Media, select "Add New" button and choose Webcam Recording.
    select "Add New" button and choose Webcam Recording
  4. The webcam recorder tool will appear. Click Allow if prompted as in the screenshot below
    Click Allow
  5. Click the red circle in the bottom center to start recording.
  6. Do a short test to ensure the equipment is working. Click the white stop button when done.
  7. After you stop the recording, the video will play back automatically. You should hear your voice. If you don’t want to hear yourself, click the pause button on the far left.
    • If you don’t hear audio, play a YouTube video to test the speakers.
      1. If you don’t hear the YouTube video either, the problem is the speakers. See if the volume needs to be turned up on the computer.
      2. If you do hear the YouTube video, there’s something wrong with the microphone. Contact the LTS Help Desk for help.
  8. If you don’t want this video and want to try again, click Record Again on the far left below the video preview. There will be a three-second countdown and it will record again.
    Record Again
  9. If you want to keep the video, click on Use This on the far right below the video preview.
    Scroll down and fill out the title and description if you wish.
    Save your changes.

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