Kaltura vs Canvas for Student Videos

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Kaltura My Media is a cloud-based video streaming and sharing site, comparable to YouTube for educational purposes. Students are welcomed to use Kaltura to upload and share videos, but it is often a few additional steps than just uploading to Canvas directly. We strongly recommend for instructors to use Kaltura for their videos so they can be captioned by staff if a student with a hearing disability requires captions.

Upload and share your video in Canvas if…

  • You are recording a webcam or phone video and do not need to record the screen
  • You don’t need editing features
  • The video is under 500 MB (phone videos quickly exceed this limit)
  • Your instructor has not indicated a requirement or preference for you to use Canvas or Kaltura My Media

Canvas Instructions:

Upload and share your video through Kaltura My Media if…

  • Your video is over 500 MB (the Canvas limit)
  • You want to record a screencast (vs record your webcam or upload from a mobile device)
  • You want to share your video outside of Canvas with a URL
  • You’d like to trim the beginning or end of the video or make clips from it
  • Your instructor told you to do so, even if you don’t think you meet the above criteria (listen to your instructor!)

Kaltura Instructions:

NOTE: if you are uploading from a mobile device, access Kaltura My Media through Canvas in a browser as if you are on a computer – do not use the Canvas Student app. You will not have the necessary features to use Kaltura through the Canvas Student app. Do not download a Kaltura app either. The browser should function well, but will involve pinching and zooming to access the buttons accurately on a phone.

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