Kaltura: Video Uploads from Mobile (Students)

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You can upload videos from the Canvas Mobile App to My Media. Once the video is in My Media, you can embed it in a discussion post (in a browser such as Chrome on a computer or phone).
  1. Open the Canvas Student App. (If you do not have it, it is available for free for both Android and iOS devices).
  2. Select the appropriate class
  3. Select My Media from the navigation list on the course home page (you may need to scroll down to find it)

    Note: If you do not see My Media, ask your instructor to add it to the course navigation.

  4. Select Add New to upload a new video

  5. Select Media Upload

  6. Select Choose a file to upload

  7. Find the video you would like to upload. Depending on your specific phone, you may need to choose camera roll, gallery, etc. Select Choose when you find the file. You may also record a new video to upload. When your video is uploaded, it will say “Upload Completed!”

  8. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Name your video. Fill out other details if desired (description, tags, etc.).

  10. Scroll to the bottom and select Save.

  11. Select Go to My Media, and you should see your video.
  12. Videos cannot be uploaded into a discussion from the Canvas Student App. This must be done on a laptop or desktop computer. On a computer, click Reply underneath the Discussion area to start your post.
  13. Embed your video into the discussion post by clicking the V in the rich content editor next to the YouTube icon for "More External Tools" and choose My Media (the page may be slow to load).

  14. Navigate to the correct video and click Select to embed it.
  15. The video will be embedded into your discussion post. You can add text to the post if you would like. Click Save.

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