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Kaltura "My Media" is a video and audio streaming service, similar to YouTube, located within Canvas. Anyone at UWEC can use Kaltura, even if you are not creating or sharing a video for a specific class. Videos are only accessible by the creator unless shared via URL or within a Canvas course.

Instructions & More Information:
Tips for Instructors:
  • It is usually best for instructors to use Kaltura for their videos rather than upload to Canvas directly because they can be captioned for students with disabilities easily and reused without taking up space in the course.
  • Audio files are smaller than videos and less likely to need captioning, so occasional audio files in Canvas should be fine. However, using Kaltura for repeated, extensive use of audio files is recommended.
  • However, students can often submit their videos by uploading them right to Canvas (more information for students). Canvas is recommended because it's fewer steps, is easier on a mobile device, and students can contact Canvas Help and use Canvas instructions.
  • If you want students to use Kaltura to upload a video to a Canvas assignment, choose the Text Entry submission option and give them these instructions. If you want them to upload a video to a Canvas assignment, choose Media Recording. It is best to choose the appropriate submission option to avoid student confusion.
  • If you want students to use Kaltura to upload videos from a phone, here are instructions to enable My Media in your course navigation. Then, give students these instructions. Make sure to choose the Text Entry option if students are submitting to a Canvas assignment.
Recording with Kaltura:
To record yourself speaking:
To record the computer screen (a screencast):
To record a PowerPoint with audio:
  • It is usually best to record the audio within PowerPoint's Record Slideshow feature, then export it as an mp4. This works well on both Windows and Mac. Here are instructions.

Want Help? Contact the LTS Help Desk. Canvas Help does not support Kaltura.

Kaltura My Media Direct Upload to Canvas
Can accommodate large files up to 2 GB Files need to be less than 500 MB
Can share URLs outside of Canvas Videos are only in Canvas
Easy to share videos with other instructors as a co-publisher No sharing options outside of Canvas
Built-in recording tool can record the screen, webcam, audio, or a combination Can record webcam and audio, but no screen recording
Can create clips from videos and do basic editing No editing features
Automatic transcription available to create captions & staff can have videos professionally captioned easily No moderated captioning features
UWEC LTS Help Desk Support 24/7/365 Technical Support from Canvas

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