Kaltura: Overview

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Kaltura "My Media" is a video and audio streaming service, similar to YouTube, located within Canvas. Anyone at UWEC can use Kaltura, even if you are not creating or sharing a video for a specific class. Videos are only accessible by the creator unless shared via URL or within a Canvas course.

Instructions & More Information:
Recording with Kaltura:
To record yourself speaking:
To record the computer screen (a screencast):
To record a PowerPoint with audio:
  • It is usually best to record the audio within PPT's Record Slideshow feature, then export it as an mp4 since PPT records audio per slide, making it easy to re-record a slide if you make a mistake. This works well on both Windows and Mac. Here are instructions.
  • Kaltura has a video editor which allows for basic editing such as editing out mistakes or creating clips. Here is a video showing how to use the Kaltura editor.

Want Help? Contact the LTS Help Desk. Canvas Help does not support Kaltura.

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