Kaltura: Overview

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Kaltura is a video streaming service, like YouTube for education. It is now only accessible via Canvas. It is best for instructors to use Kaltura for their videos, but students may be able to just use Canvas (more information for students).

Recording & Editing with Kaltura:

Please note that it is possible to record short webcam videos right in Canvas, without using Kaltura (instructions for students / instructions for instructors). Videos can be uploaded directly to Canvas if under 500 MB. However, it is recommended that instructors upload their videos to Kaltura so they can easily be captioned if a student with a disability needs captioning. Canvas is often a good option for student videos though.

  • Kaltura Capture: This is Kaltura's new recording tool. More information: Install KalturaCapture - Windows & Mac / Record with KalturaCapture.
    • If you experience problems, please contact the LTS Help Desk to submit a ticket (helpdesk@uwec.edu or 715-836-5711).
    • If you need an immediate back up option due to a technical problem, consider Screencast-o-matic which has a free option. Videos created with Screencast-o-matic can be uploaded to Kaltura afterward.
  • CaptureSpace Lite (legacy): Will be removed in June 1, 2019 when Kaltura Capture replaces it. Starting on May 17, it will not be possible to download it and all new video creators will need to use Kaltura Capture. Here is a video demonstration of how to use CaptureSpace Lite.
  • Editing: CaptureSpace Lite (legacy) users can trim and chop their video in the preview right after recording while Kaltura Capture users will need to wait until their video uploads to Kaltura and use Kaltura's video editor.

Want Help? UWEC instructors and students can contact April Pierson. The Help Desk supports Kaltura, but the switch between the two systems may result in confusion of the exact processes of each. Ensure they are aware you are using Kaltura with Canvas, not D2L.

Kaltura Canvas
Can accommodate large files up to 2 GB Files need to be less than 500 MB
Can share URLs outside of Canvas Videos are only in Canvas
Easy to share videos with other instructors as a co-publisher No sharing options outside of Canvas
Built-in recording tool can record the screen, webcam, audio, or a combination Can record webcam and audio, but no screencasting
Can create clips from videos and do basic editing No editing features
Automatic transcription available to create captions & staff can have videos professionally captioned easily No moderated captioning features
UWEC LTS Help Desk Support 24/7/365 Technical Support from Canvas

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