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Kaltura: Install Kaltura Capture - Windows & Mac

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Kaltura Capture is the recording tool from Kaltura. It can be accessed through My Media in through your Canvas Account.

It is important to note that your Kaltura/My Media account must be authorized before recording a video. To do this, go into Canvas>Account>My Media and follow the appropriate prompts for setting up your My Media account.

Install Kaltura Capture - Windows

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Click Account in the global navigation on the left.
  3. Select My Media.

    Select My Media
  4. If this is your first time using Kaltura within Canvas, you will need to click Authorize.
  5. Click Add New on the top right.
  6. Choose Kaltura Capture.

    Choose Kaltura Capture
  7. Select Download for Windows.
  8. Double click the downloaded file to start the installation process (varies by browser – in Google Chrome, the downloaded file will be in the bottom left side of your browser window).
  9. The application will walk you through an installation process. Click Next to proceed through the steps.

TIP: Consider changing the recordings folder to a location more easily accessible in case you want to access or delete the files. On a UWEC computer, you can remove the information in the path after your username and just type in “desktop” as in the screenshot below

Click Next

NOTE: After the program is installed, nothing happens. To start recording, repeat steps 2-5 above and the program will launch. You may have to allow it to open.

View the Record with Kaltura Capture Instructions for tips on recording effectively.

Install Kaltura Capture – Mac (Instructors)

Kaltura Capture requires administrative privileges to install on a Mac, but it is available to install via Self Service. Here are instructions on using Self Service.

Instructions for non-UWEC computers would be the same as Windows (see above).

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