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Kaltura: Changing Ownership of a Video within Kaltura

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This article describes how to change ownership of a media. Individual media owners or members of a Kaltura group can change the media ownership (for example in case the owner is leaving the organization and someone needs to take ownership of the media).

  • Once you change the owner to anyone other than yourself, you will not be able to edit the media and it will no longer appear in your “My Media” list.
  • If you would like the video to remain in your My Media, you can add yourself as a co-editor, co-publisher or co-viewer.
  • Media owners are the administrators of the video and are credited with the media, which is not necessarily the copyright owner of the content.

To change the ownership of a media, please do the following:

  1. Go into My Media and find the video of your choosing. Select the edit icon (pencil) to get to the editing features or select the title of the video, and under the Actions button, select edit.
  2. From the editing button, click on the Collaboration tab. It should be noted that under the Details tab, you can rename your video and change or delete video tags. Be sure to hit save if you make any changes.
  3. Under the Collaboration tab, select the “Change media owner” button.
  4. In the Change Media Owner popup, type in the name of the person you would like to have as owner of the media and click save.

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