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Reimbursement: Internet Service Provider Reimbursement

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Employees who currently do not have reliable internet service and are being asked to work remotely should work with a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to establish service. Employees who are found to have existing service and request reimbursement may be subject to disciplinary action and be financially responsible for these costs. The process for getting reimbursed has three steps:

  1. Completed an Emergency Telecommuting Agreement eForm, and saved a PDF copy of the approved eForm.
  2. Completed an Emergency Internet Service Provider Reimbursement Authorization eForm, and saved a PDF copy of the approved eForm.
  3. Each month when you receive your itemized bill(s), submit an e-Reimbursement. The steps for this process are outlined below.

You can search your email for the approval notifications from the eForm system. The subject of those emails contains the names of the eForms as listed above. For further assistance with helping locate a form you have handled in the eForm system, call the LTS Help Desk at (715) 836-5711.

Reimbursement Acceptable Expenses

Reimbursement can be claimed for any services purchased to add internet access for your devices. Acceptable expenses include:

  • Basic installation costs
  • Adding data plans to a cellular phone to be used as a Wi-Fi hot spot
  • Adding cellular services to tablet devices, other cellular hot spot devices, etc.
  • Subscribing to at-home cable, DSL, or satellite internet services

Important Notes:

NOTE: Installations that require significant costs to install infrastructure to your home will not be covered

NOTE: Claims can only be made for the amount for installation of the service and the service itself

NOTE: Any taxes and other fees paid are not reimbursable

NOTE: Services that require long-term contracts need to be carefully considered and the department may be asked to cover any cancellation fees if the employee does not wish to retain this service after being allowed back to campus to work

If you have any questions about whether or not the service and/or installation requirements you want to purchase will be reimbursed, email before ordering services.

E-Reimbursement Form Guide

Please follow these steps to begin processing your e-Reimbursement for internet services.

  1. Navigate to Shared Financial Services (SFS)
  2. Choose your Institution and select Go.
    • You will be redirected to login with your UWEC credentials including DUO Security
  3. At the University of Wisconsin System site, select Expenses
  4. Open My Expense Reports
  5. Select Create Expense Report
  6. Fill in the corresponding fields accordingly:
    • Business Purpose field choose Non-Travel
    • Description field example: ISP Reimbursement May 2020
    • Default Location enter the City, State where the expense is being incurred
      1. Click the magnifying glass to use the search for accepted options
      2. Click on the triangle to the left of Search Criteria
      3. Enter the first few characters of the city name in Expense Location
      4. Click Search
      5. Click on the desired option from the results list
    • Reference field select NONTRAV
  7. Select Attachments
    1. Click Add Attachment
    2. Click My Device and attach a copy of the following files:​
      • A PDF copy of your approved Emergency Telecommuting Agreement eForm
      • A PDF copy of your Emergency Internet Service Provider Reimbursement Authorization eForm
      • A PDF copy of your itemized bill(s)
    3. Click Upload to attach it to the request.
    4. Click Done once the Upload Complete status bar finishes
    5. Give them an appropriate Description in the provided box, particularly if you have not named your files with a descriptive file name.
    6. Click Done when all files attached. You should have at least three attachments.
  8. Select Accounting Defaults
    1. Enter the appropriate Fund, Dept, Program: 136-1-481020-AAH7197
      • Project code AAH7197 tracks COVID-19 expenses at UWEC
    2. Click Done
  9. ​​Select Justification
    1. Click Add Notes
    2. Type the following text:​ “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am being required to work remotely and in a location that does not have reliable internet access. These expenses are necessary for me to perform my job.”
    3. Click Done when finished adding notes

  10. Click the Expense Report Action drop down
    1. Choose Add Expense Line
      • This will take you to the Expense Entry page.
      • Make sure to create separate expense entries for installation costs and for each monthly service charge.
      • Requests for reimbursement must be made within 90 days of the date of the expense.
    2. Enter the date of payment of the expense
      • NOTE: the date is the date the expense was paid, not the first day of service
    3. In the Expense Type field, enter Misc-Purchases/Supplies or use the magnifying glass to search for this expense type
    4. In the Description field, enter a description for this expense:
      • “April 2020 internet service installation costs from Charter”
      • “April 2020 monthly internet service charges from Charter”
    5. Leave Payment type as Personal Funds
    6. In the Amount field, enter the amount you are requesting reimbursement for.
      • Remember that taxes and other fees are not reimbursable
    7. In the Non-Preferred Merchant field, enter the name of the business that provided these services (example: "Charter Communications")
    8. The Expense Location and Accounting should auto-fill from the previous entries
      1. Click the Accounting banner to verify again that the correct account is being charged: 136-1-481020-AAH7197
    9. Click Done
    10. Click Save
    11. Click the + Add button on the left to add new lines for your next amount and repeat the above steps for each expense
  11. Once you have completed the above steps, click Review and Submit and verify that
    • The total amount for reimbursement is correct
    • You have entered your justification note
    • You have added your attachments (minimum of 3)
  12. Click Submit if you feel everything is accurate

​​​You are now done submitting and the expense report will be sent on to the campus approver of the funding string and UW Shared Services for review and approval. You can check on the status of current and previous expense reports by:

If you have any additional questions or issues while filling out the e-reimbursement form, please contact the ASK Center at

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