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Network: Internet Home/Campus Network Speed Test

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To assess and quantify your Internet speeds to UWEC based computing services, you can preform a speed test using a based tool. UWEC has a testing server right here on campus. There could be numerous points of contention or points of failure between you and campus impacting your experience. By using the UWEC based server as your yardstick, you'll be able to obtain a much more reliable (repeatable) measurement of your Internet connectivity to campus. This will also allow you to then compare and contrast with other sources.

Testing options:

To use the web based tool:

  1. In a web browser, visit:
  2. Under the GO button, you should see UWEC listed as your target server/host

  3. If UWEC is not the current server/host (and you want it to be) click the down chevron/arrow located to the right of the current server location, scroll through the list to find "UWEC", or simply type UWEC in the search box to filter the list. Select UWEC as your server/host

  4. Now click GO to perform a speed test. You will see real-time measurements of download/upload speeds during the test, as well as Ping and Jitter measurements

  5. If you would like to share the results with your Internet provider, LTS Help Desk, or LTS support staff, you can click the "COPY LINK" button and paste that link in an email or other communications mechanism.