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HR: Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project

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To address stakeholder concerns, the project team has developed a set of preliminary guiding principles that respond to stakeholder fears, uncertainties and doubts. These principles reflect initial key themes of the project and will continue to be refined.

  • The purpose of the TTC Project is on the alignment of job titles.
  • Individual base salaries for current employees will not be reduced as a result of the project.
  • The TTC Project is not a staffing adjustment or a reduction in employees, and the project teams will not recommend organizational changes or layoffs.
  • The TTC Project will enable us to have a more accurate picture of how jobs and job titles align with the market and support planning. Market deficiencies will be reviewed and addressed over time.
  • The focus of the project is on positions, not the individuals in these positions. The project does not involve an equity analysis.
  • The project team will provide opportunities to listen to stakeholders and consistent communication throughout the course of the project leveraging existing UW communication channels. The process will be transparent.​​

The More You Know

UWEC Project Team​

  • ​David Miller, Director of Human Resources - CHAIR
  • Sue Ayres, IS Technology Services Senior - Advising, Retention and Career Center - University Staff
  • Karen Callaway, Human Resources Specialist - Office of Human Resources
  • Becky Dienger, Director of Marketing-Communications - Office of Strategic Planning
  • Barb Hanson, Human Resources Program Officer - Office of Human Resources
  • Stephanie Jamelske, Administrative Officer - Academic Affairs
  • Geoff Peterson, Professor - Political Science – Faculty Representative
  • Jennifer Steinhorst, Human Resources Specialist - Office of Human Resources
  • Academic Staff Representative (TBD)
  • Kelly Holzer, Continuing Education - University Staff Representative

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