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HR: Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project

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To address stakeholder concerns, the project team has developed a set of preliminary guiding principles that respond to stakeholder fears, uncertainties and doubts. These principles reflect initial key themes of the project and will continue to be refined.

  • The purpose of the TTC Project is on the alignment of job titles.
  • Individual base salaries for current employees will not be reduced as a result of the project.
  • The TTC Project is not a staffing adjustment or a reduction in employees, and the project teams will not recommend organizational changes or layoffs.
  • The TTC Project will enable us to have a more accurate picture of how jobs and job titles align with the market and support planning. Market deficiencies will be reviewed and addressed over time.
  • The focus of the project is on positions, not the individuals in these positions. The project does not involve an equity analysis.
  • The project team will provide opportunities to listen to stakeholders and consistent communication throughout the course of the project leveraging existing UW communication channels. The process will be transparent.

The More You Know

UWEC Project Team

  • David Miller, Director of Human Resources - CHAIR
  • Sue Ayres, IS Technology Services Senior - Advising, Retention and Career Center - University Staff
  • Karen Callaway, Human Resources Specialist - Office of Human Resources
  • Becky Dienger, Director of Marketing-Communications - Office of Strategic Planning
  • Barb Hanson, Human Resources Program Officer - Office of Human Resources
  • Stephanie Jamelske, Administrative Officer - Academic Affairs
  • Geoff Peterson, Professor - Political Science – Faculty Representative
  • Jennifer Steinhorst, Human Resources Specialist - Office of Human Resources
  • Academic Staff Representative (TBD)
  • Kelly Holzer, Continuing Education - University Staff Representative

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