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Group Travel

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With the new travel rollout in July 2020, we are now able to book travel with different travel agencies. This new change adds more custom booking needed for your groups specific travel needs. Outlined here are the three ways you are able to book group travel. Please assess what way is best to book your group travel.

**Please note, this article excludes Athletics. Athletics must book through Shorts Travel.**

Group Travel Options

Group Block

Defined as 10 or more tickets with one airline via a special contract, where the travelers are on the same flights round trip and one form of payment is used for all tickets. All the tickets are held at the same price and can be ticketed at a later date. These are serviced by Fox World Travel.

  • Each type of group must have a primary travel coordinator and a backup. The group travel coordinator and backup will be the sole group contacts with the travel agency regarding their group arrangement
  • If you have to raise your purchasing card transaction limits to cover anticipated group costs, please contact purchasing at

To book:

  • To begin the process of booking a group block, please fill out the group block form

  • A dedicated Fox World Travel group agent will be in contact with you shortly after to begin the group block sourcing and contract process

Advantages of Group Block

  • Can book without the travelers' names and TSA information
  • Guaranteed pricing for the entire group
  • The airline holds seats for the group, deferring ticketing and full payment until a later date
  • Fox World Travel discount applied to qualifying tickets
  • Due to Fox World Travels’ preferred status with some airlines, the deposit is waived
  • For other airlines, minimal deposit required at time of holding space
  • Some airlines allow for name changes at minimal cost
  • Allows group travel coordinators time to finalize number of travelers as the count may fluctuate up until the contract deadline without penalty

Group Air

Defined as 10 or more travelers, traveling from a variety of origins and/or destinations. Individual (live sell) reservations are made for each traveler. Group Air groups are established with a specific start date and end date. These are serviced by Travel Incorporated.

  • Each airline carrier will only provide one price quote for group air and will not allow multiple quotes for the same group
  • Individual ticket prices found in Concur or through any other web source apply to the purchase of a single ticket. This price cannot be used as a comparative for group block or group air ticket purchasing
  • Airlines control fares and availability and these will change multiple times per day
  • It is strongly encouraged to use Fox World Travel for other group arrangements, such as out-of-state or international group lodging and/or ground transportation to have the necessary support for University sponsored reservations and access to UW System and Partnership Program discounts

What Defines Group Air vs Individual?

Group travel arrangements differ from individual reservations in the way they are reserved/purchased and how they are paid for. Group travel arrangements are for travel needs that fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • Need to use a single University charge card for multiple travelers (inbound or outbound) for ongoing use by the department – can be less than 10 or more than 10 travelers for this purpose
  • Have been issued a University code by a UW department to use for reservations and payment
  • Have 10 or more individuals traveling to the same location – including air, lodging, ground transportation
  • May require a University signed contract to secure space, commit to utilization, payment terms, etc.
  • May require alternative payment procedures or methods (wire transfer, check, etc.).
  • Want group traveler monitoring for report/alert in emergencies
  • Would like group reports, including total ticket/program costs, alpha manifest or arrival/departure passenger manifest

To book:

  • Submit the UW Group Reservation Request
  • After submitting the University Group Reservation Request form, you will receive a confirmation email with the submission of your request and an assigned confirmation number
  • Upon receipt of the University Group Reservation Request Form, the UW agent team will respond within one business day to confirm the request and to discuss any open questions.
  • The UW agent team will then reach out to the appropriate air carrier(s) to receive the quotes. Air carrier response times vary depending on the carrier and typically range between 48-72 hours. Longer response times are more typical with smaller international carriers; however, Fox will provide a status update to the group travel coordinator to confirm space and pricing.
  • Upon receipt of options from the carrier, the UW agent team will review for accuracy (dates, times, number of seats, etc.) and then expeditiously send the appropriate quotes to the group contact.

Advantages of Group Air

  • No need to commit to the number of seats required
  • Travelers can choose their own itineraries
  • No deposit necessary. Full payment due at time of ticketing
  • UW discount applied to qualifying tickets

Administrative Groups

Defines as using a departmental card on file to book for employees or guests. Travelers can request flights ad-hoc, using the card on file. These are serviced by Travel Incorporated.

  • This process is required when departments want students or guests to work directly with Travel Inc to make their own reservations, whether the costs are charged to a University card or personal card

To book:

Advantages of Administrative Groups

  • Allows a host department to easily manage all department specific travel needs for students, guests or employees
  • The process gives the group administrator the option to store a University Purchasing Card on file with Travel Inc.

As always, feel free to reach out to the Firstsource Support Team with any questions you may have at 715-836-3131 or

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