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Cash/Gifts/Gift Cards/Prizes

There are specific policies regarding gift cards and cash payments given for various events including surveys, incentives, prizes, etc. Review Policy 330 on the UW System website for more detailed information about prizes, gifts, and awards. GPR (General Purpose Revenue) funds from 102, 104, or 402 cannot be used for prizes or awards under any circumstances.

Gift cards are considered the same as cash. Cash payments are a reportable item to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS requires that we collect the name, permanent home address, and social security number of the individual receiving the gift card/cash. In addition, we highly recommend that the individual sign a form indicating the dollar amount received.

Please contact the ASK Center prior to authorizing any gift cards or small cash payments.

For additional assistance, contact the ASK Center, 715-836-3131.

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