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Financial Aid: Summer Award

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  1. Navigate to CampS.
  2. Log in using your university username and password.
  3. Click Student Center from the Main Menu.
    Student center
  4. Under Finances, click View Financial Aid.
    View Financial Aid
  5. Click the appropriate aid year.
    NOTE: Summer Financial Aid is awarded in the final term of a given aid year. For example, if you are looking for Summer 2017 Financial Aid, it will be listed in the 2017 Aid Year.
    Aid Year
  6. Click View Non Standard Period.
    View Non Standard Period
  7. The summer awards will be listed. If you see a summer loan, click Accept/Decline Awards.
    Accept/Decline Awards
  8. Select the Accept box.
    Edit the amount of the loan.
  9. Once the loan amount is correct, click Submit.
    Accept box then submit

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