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CampS: Final Grade Export to MyBlugold CampS (Faculty/Staff)

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Instructors have the ability to export final grades from the gradebook in D2L to MyBlugold CampS. After grades are imported in MyBlugold CampS, final grades will automatically be filled in for each student.


D2L Course Requirements

  • D2L gradebook must be set up and final grades must exist in the course before the Export to MyBlugold CampS button will appear.
  • Final grades must use a valid letter grading scheme:
    • Grades must be in letter format (e.g., A, A-, B+, B, etc.).
    • Grades such as XF, IN, and AU must be entered manually in MyBlugold CampS; final grades should be left blank in D2L for students receiving these types of grades.
    • Grade rosters that permit only S/U grades cannot be exported from D2L; S/U grades must be entered manually in MyBlugold CampS.
  • Either the Final Calculated Grade or Adjusted Final Grade can be exported. The same type must be set for final grade release in D2L. To set the final grade release, from the Grades Area click Grades Settings » Calculation Options » Under Final
    Grade Released
    make your selection.
  • For D2L courses with multiple sections, exporting your final grades from the D2L course will send the final grades for all the students in that combined course to MyBlugold CampS. Each class section in MyBlugold CampS will pick up the appropriate students and their associated final grades when you perform the grade import for each section.

Potential Errors


  • Once final grades are approved in CampS for a course, final grades for that course can no longer be imported from D2L.
  • Midterm grades cannot be exported from D2L to MyBlugold CampS.
  • D2L maintenance occurs every Thursday morning from 5:00-7:00 a.m. and every Saturday morning from 2:00-5:00 a.m.; avoid the export process during these maintenance periods.
  • Student Is Not In The SIS Grade Roster:
    For a student who was manually enrolled in a D2L course and not officially registered for the course, leave the final grade blank in D2L to avoid errors on import into CampS.
  • Student Did Not Come Through From D2L:
    If a student drops the course after the grade roster is created in CampS, an error message may result since no final grade will be imported from D2L for that student. Contact the Registrar's Office at 715-836-4524 to request a new roster for that course. You will not be able to approve your CampS grade roster unless every listed student is awarded a final grade.
  • Your grading scheme contains punctuation, spaces, or invalid letters:
    Spaces or invalid characters in your final grades will result in errors when you try to save final grades in CampS.
  • Confirmation email never appears in your inbox:
    This error normally results from calculating and exporting from D2L the final grade type NOT set for release. Return to your D2L course and either calculate the version of the the final grade set for release or change your gradebook settings (Grade Settings » Calculation Options » Final Grade Released) to release the version already calculated; then repeat the export from D2L.

Exporting Final Grades from D2L to MyBlugold CampS

  1. Log in to D2L and access the gradebook for the desired course.
  2. Calculate and review the final grades.
    NOTE: Final grades must be displayed as letter grades, e.g., A, A-, B+, B, etc.
  3. Click Export to MyBlugold CampS.
    Export Image
    NOTE: This button will not display if the gradebook is not set up.
  4. Click Yes.
  5. Click Ok.

Importing Final Grades into MyBlugold CampS

WARNING: Wait approximately ten minutes after the final grade to export from D2L; the processes to transfer final grade information to CampS are scheduled for every five minutes daily in the final few weeks of each term. Instructors will receive an email message confirming when grades can be imported into MyBlugold CampS.

  1. Log in to MyBlugold CampS.
  2. Click Self Service.
  3. Click Faculty Center.
  4. Click My Schedule.
  5. A list of courses will appear. Verify that the current term courses are displayed.
    NOTE: If you need to enter grades for a different term, click Change Term. change term button
  6. Click Grade Roster grade roster icon for the desired course.
  7. From the Grade Roster Type dropdown menu, click Final Grade.
    display options
  8. Click Import D2L Grades.
    import grades
  9. Click Save.
    NOTE: The Final Grade Approval Status should read Not Reviewed.
  10. Review grades for each student and make necessary changes. Assign XF, IN or AU grades where appropriate.
    NOTE: Students no longer attending your class should be assigned a grade of XF. For final grades with XF, type the last date they came to class in the Last Date Attended text box. This is done to meet UW-Eau Claire's Federal Financial Aid statutes involving students who unofficially withdraw from the university.
  11. To save the grades and review later, click Save with the roster in Not Reviewed status.
  12. Student grades will not be posted until Approved. After all grades have been verified, from the Approval Status pull-down menu, select Approved.
  13. Click Save.
    NOTES: Once you set your grades to Approved status, a nightly process (more frequent during the final grading periods of each term) will post the grades to student transcripts.
    Throughout the grading process, grade rosters may appear on the My Schedule menu with the following statuses:
  • Not Graded: No grades have been recorded.
  • Partially Graded: Some grades have been recorded, but not all.
  • Not Approved: All grades have been assigned, but roster needs to be put into Approved status (see above).
  • Approved: Grade roster has been successfully graded and is in Approved status. No action is needed. A nightly process will post the grades to student transcripts.
  • Posted: Grades have been successfully assigned, Approved, and Posted to student transcripts.
    grades list
  • When grades are in Approved status, they cannot be changed. You must move the status back into Not Reviewed to make any changes. See the Changing Grades section below.
  • Students will not be able to see their grades until the Registrar's Office posts them to the student record. During the final grading period of a term, grades will post automatically at 6:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 12:00 a.m. All other times during an academic term, Summer Session, or Winterim, grades are posted every evening at approximately 6:00 p.m.
  • At this time MyBlugold CampS will not email faculty when grades have been successfully submitted.
    Please refer to grade statuses above.

For step-by-step instructions on assigning, submitting, and changing grades in MyBlugold CampS, see Faculty Center Grade Submission.

Changing Grades

  1. If the Registrar's Office has not yet posted grades,
    1. From the Approval Status pull-down menu, select Not Reviewed. There you can make changes to student grades.
    2. When finished, from the Approval Status pull-down menu, select Approved.
    3. Click Save.
  2. If the grades have been posted but the grading deadline has not passed,
    1. In the Grade Roster Action box, click Request Grade Change.
      grade roster action box
    2. Change the appropriate student grades.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. When finished, click Return to Grade Roster.
  3. If the grade deadline has passed, fill out a Grade Change form and return it to the Registrar's Office.

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