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Email: Schedule a Meeting with Outlook

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  1. On the Home tab, click New Items and select Meeting.
    New Items
    In the Calendar field, click New Meeting and select the desired meeting.
    Calendar field
  2. To invite people to the meeting, type their email in the To field or click To and select them from the list.Click To or type their email in the field

    Search and add who receives the message
  3. Type the name of the meeting in the Subject field.
  4. Add a location for the meeting by clicking Rooms...
    Click Rooms
  5. Select the room to hold the meeting in and click OK.
    Select the room
  6. Set the Start and End times for the meeting. If the meeting is happening all day, select All day event.
    Start and end time
  7. In the Message box, type any information that would be important for the attendees to know such as what to bring, what to expect, and the itinerary for the meeting.
    Message for event
  8. (Optional) Click Scheduling Assistant to see the availabilities of both the room and the attendees.
    Scheduling Assistant
  9. (Optional) To make the event reoccurring, click Recurrence and set how often the meeting will happen.
  10. Once the meeting is set, click Send.
    Click Send


  1. Login to your webmail account.
  2. Click the New dropdown arrow and select Calendar event.
    Calendar event

    Click the calendar icon Calander Icon at the bottom, click the New dropdown arrow and select Calendar event.
    Mail Icon
  3. In the Add a title for the event field, type the name for the meeting.
  4. In the Add a location or a room field, type the name of the room to hold the event or click Add Room and select from the rooms available.
    Add a Title and Location
  5. Set the start and end dates for the meeting. If the event is happening all day, select All day.
  6. (Optional) If the event repeats, select the Repeat dropdown menu and set how often it repeats.
    Event Repeats
  7. (Optional) Set a reminder for the event by clicking Add an email reminder and setting when a reminder should be sent.
    Add an email reminder
  8. Add a message to go along with the meeting.
  9. Type the name of the attendees for the event; their names will appear below.
    Add people
  10. Click the Scheduling Assistant icon Scheduling Assistant to help pick a day that best fits all the attendees. Areas that are grayed out are times when a room or someone is unavailable.
    Scheduling Assistant
  11. When the event is ready, click Send.

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