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Subscribing to RSS feeds can be a great way of receiving updates, data, and news from web content publishers. This article will describe how to connect your email account to an RSS feed so that you receive new information directly in your University inbox.

Locating the RSS Feed URL

The most difficult part of subscribing to an RSS feed may be determining the feed's URL. Sometimes the full URL to the feed is displayed in a webpage. In other cases, you have to do a bit more investigating. This may include right-clicking the Subscribe link and copying the link's address, or you may even need to view the page source and copy the feed's URL after finding it. Because there are many possible methods or situations for obtaining a feed's URL, this article will focus more on how to connect a feed to your email client.

Subscribe to an RSS Feed Using Outlook

  1. In Outlook, locate the RSS Feeds folder in the left navigation panel.
  2. Right-click the RSS Feeds folder and click Add a New RSS Feed...
    Add a new RSS Feed
  3. Type the RSS Feed URL and click Add.
    Enter Rss Feed Url
  4. Click Yes.

  5. A new RSS folder will be automatically added to your account.
    RSS Feed added

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