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Drupal (CE): Adding a Basic Content Page

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  1. Login to Drupal (CE)

    NOTE: Your Drupal credentials are different than your UWEC credentials. If you're not sure whether you have access to Drupal, please contact the Help Desk.

  2. Select Workbench > Create Content from the navigation menu.
    Workbench > Create Content
  3. Add a Title.
    NOTE: The Title becomes the H1 of the page so be thoughtful when crafting this content. Editing the title may change the URL of the page.
    Add a title

  4. Upload an optional Lede Image
    NOTE: The Lede image should be an ultra-wide crop, ideally a campus beauty shot, to best fit the available background space on the page.
  5. Click Edit Summary to edit the optional Summary.
    NOTE: The meta description is pulled from the Summary. If left blank, the optional Summary will trim the full text of the body field.
    Edit Summary
  6. Fill in the Body of the page, which can include headings, supplemental images, lists, links, and other basic formatting.
    NOTE: Images added here will not be added to Athena Images (functionality to come Summer 2017).
  7. Click Save and Publish to publish the page immediately
    Click Save and Create New Draft to create a draft and publish the page later.
    Publish page now or later

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