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Quizzes and tests are often used in D2L and offer a variety of question types.


  • Problems with D2L quizzes usually have nothing to do with D2L but rather internet connection, browser, or computer problems.
  • To avoid these issues, we recommend the use of a campus computer, which usually alleviates all problems. If you cannot take it on campus, you can try the following.


Use the recommendations below to ensure successful online quiz or text completion.

  • Restart your computer before starting the quiz.
  • Do not open any other windows or programs while taking the quiz.
  • Make sure there is a strong internet connection. Do not take a test while you or others are streaming music or movies on the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Run a System Check using the link on top of the D2L homepage BEFORE you take a quiz. This step can sometimes pinpoint a problem.
    system check
    IMPORTANT: Use the Save button after each question. If you frequently save and are “kicked out” of the quiz, you can simply reenter the quiz with the saved answers. Even if you cannot re-enter the quiz (e.g., quiz closes because you run out of time), your professor can still grade the parts of the quiz you completed. If you do not save frequently and the program closes, your progress is lost.
  • Refresh the browser if the page appears stuck.
  • Try another browser. Even if you are currently taking a quiz, you can save your responses, close out of the quiz in one browser, open it in a different browser, and complete the quiz.
  • Avoid taking quizzes during the maintenance periods listed on the D2L home page.
  • Contact the LTS Help Desk at 715-836-5711 right away if you cannot resolve your technical issues.

Taking a Test or Quiz

  1. Access the course.
  2. Select Quizzes on the top navigation bar.
  3. Select the name of the quiz.
    NOTE: Check the number of allowed attempts, the amount of time allowed, and any other important requirements the professors may have indicated.
  4. Follow the prompts to open and complete the quiz.
  5. Follow all prompts to submit the quiz.


  • Some professors may allow multiple or unlimited attempts to take the quiz or test. Retake the quiz, if necessary.
  • Professors decide when to update to the gradebook after the quiz is completed.
  • Some questions are manually graded by the professor.

View Quiz Attempts

After completing a quiz, certain information such as questions or answers or both are available based settings selected by your professor.

  1. Click Quizzes on the top navigation bar of the course.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow dropdown arrow next to the quiz name.
  3. Select Submissions.
    NOTE: Reports information is rarely used and available only if your professor uses Reports.
  4. Click Attempt 1 (or Attempt 2, etc.) to view quiz results.
    NOTE: Not all professors release the quiz questions and answers or they may only display questions or answers for a certain time frame.
    quiz submissions

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