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Professors use groups in D2L for small group work.

Enroll in Group

When professors create course groups, they have the option of either assigning students to groups or allowing students to choose their own group. If the latter option is the case, perform the steps below to join a group.

  1. Access your course.
  2. Click the Groups tab on the navigation bar.
  3. Select View Available Groups. On the next page, you are able to see which groups you can join.
  4. Select Join Group next to the name of the group you would like to join. This enrolls you in the group.
    join group

Access Groups

Select Groups on the top navigation bar in the desired course. Under the My Groups section is a list of groups in which you are currently enrolled.

The following tools are available through the Groups tool; your professor may use all or some of these tools.

my groups

  • Members: You are able to view who else is in your group by selecting the numbers in the Members column (e.g., 1/2). A dialog box opens with a list of all the members of the group.
  • Dropbox: You can view the name of the dropbox dedicated to this group. Hover your cursor over the icon dropbox to see if there are any submissions in the dropbox.
  • Discussions: Discussions can be created for groups to have conversations about projects. Select the name of the discussion (e.g., Group 1 Topic) in the Discussions column.
  • Locker: The Locker tool is rarely used; a discussion is a better place for exchanging file.
  • Email: Select the icon to compose an email to other group members. You are able to write emails, browse the address book, and attach files to the emails, which are sent to the group members’ UWEC email accounts.
  • Actions: If you are self-enrolled in a group, you are able to leave it by selecting Leave Group. If this option is not available, it is past the time frame selected by the professor.

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