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The Content tab in a course includes various materials an instructor has compiled for the course. For example, the instructor can link to websites, videos, articles, Microsoft Office documents, and PDFs.

Content Layout

The Content tab is divided into two panes: the left module pane and the right detail pane. The left module pane allows you to navigate through the course content. The right detail pane allows you to view the individual components as well as the completion bar and completion track features.


The Overview module provides a brief introduction to the course and is optional. The overview is only visible if there is content in it.

The Table of Content lists all of the modules in the course and can be accessed from the left module pane. This view makes it easy to browse all the course materials and assignments. You can easily navigate through the modules and submodules by clicking the titles in the left pane.

Access Course Content

  1. Login to D2L and access your course.
  2. Select Content on the top navigation pane.
  3. Select Table of Contents on the left pane.
  4. Navigate through the modules and click the title to open the item.
    IMPORTANT: Some files (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation) open in a document viewer without formatting. You may need to download and open the item to see formatting and use hyperlinks.

Download File

  1. Navigate to the topic you wish to download.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next the name of the document and select Download.
  3. Follow the prompts from your browser to save the file to your computer or flash drive.

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