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If you have access to a microphone, you can record audio in Discussions, News, and Dropbox feedback. If you use audio, provide a text equivalent so students with disabilities can access the information.
NOTE: Audio recordings are limited to five minutes each.

Create Audio

  1. Go to the desired tool.
    NOTE: This example describes how to post audio in discussion posts, however this information is transferable to other tools. Many of the Record Audio buttons are located near the bottom of the screen.
  2. Create a discussion post message or reply to an existing post. Enter the text in the space provided.
  3. Select Add attachments located beneath the discussion post, if necessary.
  4. Click Record Audio.
    Record Audio
  5. Select Allow » Remember » Close if the Adobe Flash Player Settings box opens.
    Adobe Flash Player Settings
  6. Click the red record icon.
    red record icon
  7. Speak clearly into your microphone. A timer documents how long you have been recording.
  8. Select the red record icon to pause or stop once you have finished recording.
  9. Click the green play icon Play Icon if you wish to preview the recording and click Add.
    NOTE: Click Clear to delete the recording.
  10. Click Save or Post.

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