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Conferencing: Zoom

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Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing service provider that will allow you to connect up to 300 people in a single meeting and see up to 49 of them at the same time. With the purchase of a Zoom site license for UW-Eau Claire, all faculty, staff, and students will have access to a Zoom Pro license once enrolled into our Zoom account. See the Enrolling into Zoom section below to get started.


Enrolling into Zoom

LTS is currently working through the processes and communications around how users enroll into UW-Eau Claire's Zoom account with the start of our site licensing. With users previously signing up for Zoom with their email address prior to our site license for both Basic free accounts and paid Pro or Business accounts, the process for enrollment will behave differently than for those who have never had an account.

UWEC users are able to self-enroll into Zoom at this time. Even if you don't recall having previously created an account for Zoom with your email address, you are encouraged to read through the entirety of this section.

  • Users who are currently personally paying for a Zoom Pro or Business account using their email address
    • You should have already been contacted by LTS with instructions. If you feel you were missed in this process, please email the LTS Help Desk at and state you need help with enrolling into Zoom and are currently paying
  • Users who have never created a Zoom Basic, Pro, or Business account using their email address
    • Simply follow the web site directions in the Single Sign-On section below, and not the app option
  • Users who have previously created a Zoom Basic, Pro, or Business account using their email address, but are no longer paying for that subscription
    1. Visit
    2. If you are still logged in from a previous Zoom web session, logout first
      • Click My Account in the upper-right
      • Click your profile picture or person silhouette in the upper-right and choose Sign Out
    3. Click Sign In
    4. Enter your UWEC username and password, and approve your DUO prompt if required
    5. The next screen should tell you an email has been sent to your address, check your email for this message that should look similar to the following image
    6. Click Switch to the new account
    7. The next screen should look similar to the following image
    8. Click I Acknowledge and Switch
    9. The next screen should confirm that you have been switched successfully
    10. Click Sign In to Profile Page and you are now enrolled
    11. You should also sign out and sign back in with single sign-on (SSO) in the Zoom app if you already have it installed, and continue to use SSO moving forward

Known Issue with Self-Enrollment

In a few cases, users attempting to enroll using single sign-on report getting an error message that "Something went wrong while you tried signing in with SSO." To correct this issue will require a UWEC Zoom administrator send you an invitation to join. To report this issue, email the LTS Help Desk at and report the issue you are having enrolling in Zoom.

Installing Zoom

  • University owned computers and iPads
    • Windows and Mac users should install Zoom from Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac)
      1. Use the search functionality and use the word 'Zoom'
      2. Learning and Technology Services will help keep your version of the app current
      3. This does not require admin rights to the computer and fixes issues that typically require admin
    • iPad users
      1. Check to see if the Self Service app is loaded on your iPad, login with your UWEC credentials if necessary, search for Zoom, and then install
      2. If you do not have Self Service app, email the LTS Help Desk at requesting to get the Self Service app installed on your iPad
        • Please be sure to provide the 7-digit UWEC inventory sticker number from your device
  • Personally owned computers and mobile devices

Logging into Zoom with Single Sign-On (SSO)

To login to your UW-Eau Claire licensed Zoom account you will need to use single sign-on.

Logging into the Zoom app (do not use this for self-enrollment, use the website)

  1. Click Sign In
  2. Choose Sign in with SSO from the list of options on the right
  3. Enter wisconsin-edu as your company domain and click Continue
  4. You should then be prompted with the familiar UWEC login for your UWEC username and password
  5. If you are setup with DUO, you will be prompted for 2-factor authentication

Logging into UWEC's Zoom website

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In
  3. You should then be prompted with the familiar UWEC login for your UWEC username and password
  4. If you are setup with DUO, you will be prompted for 2-factor authentication

Logging in from Zoom's main website

Using the UWEC Zoom website above is faster for logging in, but you can still login from the main Zoom website

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In in the upper-right
  3. Choose Sign in with SSO from the list of options at the bottom
  4. Enter wisconsin-edu as your company domain and click Continue
  5. You should then be prompted with the familiar UWEC login for your UWEC username and password
  6. If you are setup with DUO, you will be prompted for 2-factor authentication

Securing Your Zoom Meeting

With the dramatic increase of videoconferencing tools due to the COVID pandemic, videoconferencing platforms like Zoom have become a much larger target for hackers and for individuals who simply want to disrupt meetings, sometimes in graphic ways. There are tools in place to help protect your meetings from unwanted guests, and the first two are the most important:

  1. Do not publish your meeting information where it can be viewed by the public and remind your participants to do the same
  2. Ensure your Zoom meeting has a meeting password/passcode set
  3. Utilize the Waiting Room feature for your meetings to control who is allowed in
  4. Utilize the Meeting Registration functionality
  5. Know how in-meeting tools like Lock Meeting, Removing Participants, and Reporting Users work

If you do need to make the meeting a public offering:

  • The Meeting Registration functionality is strongly encouraged if you intend to allow participants to also send their video and audio
  • If the participants in your event do not need to send audio or video, contact LTS VIdeo Services about Zoom webinars

Zoom Training Resources

Visit the Zoom Help Center and perform a search using keywords for what you are trying to find. Zoom provides a robust library of video tutorials on their site covering a variety of how-to topics. You are encouraged to look through these resources. Their knowledgebase of articles is fairly comprehensive.

Instructors and staff who are looking to facilitate Zoom meetings are invited to participate in one of two company-led trainings. Both trainings will be similar in content, and cover the following topics in Zoom: login, profile, settings, waiting room, pass codes, authenticating, joining before the meeting host, screen sharing, polling, breakout rooms, in-meeting controls, recording and the support page. The first hour of the session is dedicated to content, and the last 30 minutes will be reserved for questions.

If you are unable to attend these sessions, the recorded sessions will be posted to this KB for your reference.

Instructor/Staff Zoom Training Sessions

Session 1:UW- Eau Claire Zoom User Training: Wed. Oct 21 2020 2:00PM-3:30PM Central Time

Session 1 Recording

Session 2: UW-Eau Claire Zoom User Training: Wed. Oct 28 2020 9:00AM-10:30AM Central Time

Session 2 Recording

UW-Eau Claire Zoom Q&A Session: Fri. Oct 30, 2020 11:00AM-12:00PM Central Time

Sessions will be recorded to help accommodate those who could not attend these synchronous meetings, and posted to this article at a later date.

Enabling Closed Captions

To activate closed captioning during a Zoom meeting:

  1. Select Live Transcript
  2. Select Enable Auto-Transcription

Note: Meeting attendees can select Live Transcript and adjust their own text size. This feature may only be available on the most recent application update. If you are not sure if your application is up to date go to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who will have Zoom licenses?
A: All UWEC students, faculty, and staff will have access to a PRO license of Zoom using their email address for login.

  1. Self-enroll first to add your email to the main UWEC Zoom account
  2. Login to the web and application using single sign-on anytime after that

Q: How many people can I have in a single meeting?
A: Our PRO licenses are set for meetings of up to 300 users.

Q: How many people can I see at one time on my screen in a Zoom meeting?
A: 49 maximum. Zoom provides a variety of layout settings for meetings. Visit Zoom's Changing the video layout article for more information.

Q: Will Zoom be integrated into Canvas?
A: Yes. Directions on how to use Zoom within Canvas will be provided as soon as they are available. This integration is actively being worked on.

Q: How do I install Zoom?
A: Follow the instructions in the Installing Zoom section above. Following the steps for University owned devices will reduce the need for administrator rights to install multiple Zoom components and updates.

Q: Does Zoom have breakout rooms?
A: Yes. Breakout rooms are enabled in our system. Please visit Zoom's Managing Breakout Rooms article for more information. Note that you can't use pre-assigned users to breakout rooms functionality until the site licensing for all UWEC users is in place.

Q: Can I join more than one Zoom meeting at a time? I'm a supervisor of students in multiple meetings.
A: Yes. Join multiple meetings is enabled in our system and allows you to participate in two meetings simultaneously. Please visit Zoom's Joining multiple meetings simultaneously on desktop article for more information. Note that this is only possible on a Windows or Mac computer using the Zoom client. Your first meeting you join will use the Zoom desktop client and the second meeting you join will load in your default web browser.

Q: Do we have access to Zoom webinar licenses?
A: Not by default. If you have interest in knowing how Zoom webinars work and the associated cost for licensing, email with your inquiry. Zoom webinars can be purchased at multiple levels of capacity starting at 500 viewers, and up to 10,000 (or more). View Zoom's Video Webinar Frequently Asked Questions article to learn more. Webinar licenses are assigned to a specific user and not available for everyone.

Q: Can Zoom connect to distance education classrooms that are utilizing a videoconferencing appliance, like a Polycom codec, sometimes referred to as H.323/SIP or "room system" connections?
A: Yes. Several 'Room Connector' licenses have been purchased to help facilitate this. However, one of the main reasons that Zoom wasn't purchased prior to this year to replace Bluejeans was the limitation of the Room Connector licensing. Once the number of Room Connector licenses purchased are in use no more room systems can join a meeting hosted by a UWEC user, all other rooms are locked out. Zoom does not allow bursting of additional licenses to pay for later, nor do they allow them be assigned to a particular user at any given time, unlike webinar licenses. Bluejeans allowed for unlimited connections for room systems in meetings.

Q: Can I perform HIPAA related sessions using our Zoom accounts?
A: Yes, but you need to contact LTS and let them know you wish to be included under the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and related HIPAA settings group within Zoom. This will ensure a variety of settings are enforced in compliance with HIPAA requirements for your account. Send an email to with your request. If you are going to perform HIPAA related work on a personally owned Windows or Mac computer, be sure to go through steps outlined later for encrypting your personal computer hard drive.

Q: Does Zoom have cloud recording capabilities?
A: For faculty and staff not setup under HIPAA restrictions will have 500MB of cloud recording storage available to start. HIPAA users will only be allowed to record locally to their computer and ONLY on UWEC owned computers, unless they've gone through steps outlined later for encrypting their personal computer hard drive. Students will eventually be required to record to their local hard drives.

Q: Why are some of the settings locked so that I can't change them?
A: Some settings of Zoom have been configured by the support team so that they are enforced globally for all users and cannot be changed. Many of these settings are security related.

Q: How do I encrypt the hard drive(s) on my computer so they are safer to use for HIPAA related sessions and recordings?
A: If you're computer is unable to support the current version of Windows 10 or your Mac is not running Mac OS Mojave (10.14) or Catalina (10.15), you should not be using it for HIPAA related activities.

  • University owned computers
    • Windows - By default, UWEC owned and managed Windows computers have their main hard drive encrypted with bitlocker
    • Mac - Send an email to the LTS Help Desk at requesting to encrypt your Mac hard drive(s)
      • Please be sure to include the 7-digit UWEC inventory sticker number from your device
  • Personally owned computers

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