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Collaborate Ultra: Sharing Audio on a Streamed Video

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When in a Collaborate Ultra session, sometimes the need arises to show a video. The audio in this instance does not automatically work, but with the click of a button, you can stream the video and the audio for your students to enjoy.

Things to consider:

  • For the best experience, use the Chrome browser.
  • For the best audio quality while the video is playing, turn your microphone off.
  • Perform a quick audio check by starting the video for a few seconds and asking your participants for confirmation that they are able to hear the video. Participants can confirm by either grabbing the microphone or by putting their confirmation in the chat.
  • Sharing audio is available through the Chrome tab in “Share Application/Screen”. Videos must be uploaded to either My Media or a web-based video platform in order to be shared. To learn how to upload .mp4 files to My Media/Kaltura, please review the “Upload Media to Your Canvas Repository, Not to a Specific Course” KnowledgeBase article.
    • On a Windows computer, you can share audio through a Chrome tab, and through sharing your entire screen.
    • On a Mac computer, you can only share audio through a Chrome tab.
  • For more information on the Share Content button, use the Share Content page found within the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Help Center.

For a video walking through the instructions on how to share your audio within a streamed video click here

For instructions on how to share your audio within a streamed video, please do the following:

  1. Cue up or open the video in a new tab within the browser.
  2. Go into the Collaborate Ultra session, and select the “Share Content” button found within the Collaborate Panel (located in the bottom right-hand corner of the session).
  3. Next select “Share Application/Screen”.
  4. Within the “Share your screen” popup, select “Chrome Tab".
  5. Select the tab that has your video within it. (Please note: If you are using YouTube (as pictured) the tab will be labeled with the name of the video and the site. If you are streaming a video made within Kaltura, the tab will be named “My Media”).
  6. Once the tab has been selected, click on the “Share audio” button found in the lower left-hand corner of the popup and select “Share”.
  7. When sharing the video, you will see a message in the tab stating “Sharing this tab to” and you will also see a blue rectangle located in the tab. To stop sharing, select the “Stop” button, closeout of the tab, or select “Stop sharing” in Collaborate Ultra.

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