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CETL: Instructional Technology

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With the need for social distancing and live streaming in the classroom, technology is different. This document talks about requesting technology, the availability of tools in the classroom, and other instructional technology.

Webcams in the Classroom

  • There will be a webcam in each classroom. If you are teaching in a lab space, please check the space to see if a camera is present. If a camera is needed, please contact the Help Desk to request a consultation about options for the lab space.
  • If you are teaching remotely and need a webcam, please refer to LTS Remote Services page.


  • In the large classrooms that had microphones installed previously, lapel microphones are available. If you are teaching in a different classroom, you can request a handheld microphone to be set up in your classroom. We do not have enough microphones to provide individuals with their own personal microphone. Instead, microphones will be cleaned and shared to service all of the campus. You may not need a microphone at all. We encourage to test speaking with a mask in the classroom. Through testing this summer, we were able to hear the instructor with minimal muffling of the voice.
  • Request microphone

HoverCam Document Cameras

  • If you are not live streaming or recording your live classroom, you can use the whiteboards, and document cameras like you usually do. If you are live streaming or recording, you can still use the whiteboard, but space is limited to the areas that are picked up by the camera. If you require a document camera that can be streamed or recorded, you can request a special document camera. Since we have a limited number, we are not able to provide personal document cameras for this purpose. These resources are shared across campus.
  • Request Document Camera (HoverCam)
  • Hovercam_Flex 11 Document Camera.pdf
  • Collaborate Ultra HoverCam Microphone and Video Settings.pdf

Web Conferencing Tools

Read the Comparison Chart to learn about the similarities and differences between Collaborate Ultra, Teams, and Zoom.

Teach with Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is integrated with Canvas. We've created documentation for you.

Collaborate Ultra Recording Storage

Because of the huge increase in CU recordings and to prevent expensive storage overcharges, the UW-System implemented a new process to copy most recordings to My Media (Kaltura). We did not have input on this process and are sorry for the timing and the way the process was and continues to be applied.

If you are enrolled in a Canvas course as a Teacher AND CU recordings have been set to Allow Public Access (default), then all recordings were or will be copied into My Media as a group video. This means you will see class lectures/recordings, student presentations, or co-instructor’s videos appear in your My Media.

CU recordings will remain in My Media indefinitely unless they have not been played within 18 months. All My Media videos with no views in 18 months will be deleted. More will be shared about media retention in 2021.

Teach with Zoom

Zoom Guides
Communicate with Students
  • Encourage students to install the Zoom Client to have full use of all of the Zoom features like polling, annotations, and virtual backgrounds.
  • Refer to Student Zoom and Canvas Integration to join from Canvas and view recordings.
  • Encourage students to login to Zoom with their UWEC credentials to help with attendance reporting, pre-set breakout rooms, and to add them as an alternative host.

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