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Guide to the Brunswick (Eau Claire County, Wis.: Town) Clerk: Records, 1876-1967

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Summary Information

Title: Brunswick (Eau Claire County, Wis.: Town). Clerk: Records

Inclusive Dates: 1876-1967

Creator: Brunswick (Eau Claire County, Wis.: Town). Clerk

Call Number: Eau Claire Series 122

Quantity: 1.0 c.f. (5 volumes and 1 archives box)

Repository: Housed at the Area Research Center, William D. McIntyre Library, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library Archives Division

Archival Locations: UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library / Eau Claire Area Research Ctr.

Abstract: Town of Brunswick clerk's record volumes (1876-1967) and descriptions of land (1938). Clerk's record volumes include proceedings of both town meetings and town board meetings, register of town and school officers, treasurer's financial reports, chattel mortgages, and school district maps. Descriptions of land include copies of original plat maps, real estate descriptions, names of owners, and location of land.

Language: English

Arrangement of the Materials

By type of record and thereunder chronological.

Search Terms/Subject Terms

  • Chattel mortgages—Wisconsin—Eau Claire County
  • Rural roads—Wisconsin—Eau Claire County
  • Rural schools—Wisconsin—Eau Claire County
  • Brunswick (Eau Claire County, Wis. : Town)—Politics and government

Contents List

Eau Claire
Series 122
Clerk's Record Volumes
Volume 11876-1926

Proceedings of Town Meetings, 1878-1885

Register of Town Officers, 1878-1884

Register of School Officers, 1876-1881

Oaths of Office, 1878-1886

Proceedings of Town Board Meetings, 1878-1882

Drawn on Town Treasurer, 1878-1884

Constable Bonds and Oaths of Office, 1885

Record of Chattel Mortgages, 1878-188?

Record of Estrays, 1882-1883

Record of Marks and Brands, 1883-1884

Memoranda, 1884-1885

Appointment of School Funds, 1878-1885

Financial Report of Town Board, 1880-1884

Town Treasurer's Bonds, 1878-1921

Town Clerk's Report, 1878-1885

School District Maps, 1878-1926
Volume 21885-1921

Proceedings of Town Meetings, 1885-1892

Register of Town Officers, 1885-1916

Oaths of Officers, 1886-1921

Proceedings of Town Board Meetings, 1885-1894

Drawn on Town Treasurer, 1886-1895

Constables Bonds, 1886-1913

Proceedings of Town Meetings, 1886-1913

Financial Report of Town Board, 1888-1890

Town Treasurers' Bond, 1887-1920

Town Treasurer in Account, 1916-1918

Town Clerk's Report, 1884-1892
Volume 31897-1939

Proceedings of Town Meetings, 1897-1903

Residence and Term of Office, 1906-1921

Proceeding of Town Board Meeting, 1894-1904

Drawn on Town Treasurer, 1894-1912

Constables' Bonds and Oaths of Office, 1895-1939

Chattel Mortgages, 1907-1921

Apportionment of School Funds, 1911-1921

Financial Report of Town Board, 1919-1925

Town Treasurer's Bond, 1894-1914

Drainage Fund, 1912-1920

Incidental, 1914-1918

Road and Bridge, 1914-1918

Poor, 1914-1920
Volume 41921-1938

Town Meetings, 1921-1938

Receipts Journal, 1922-1938

Order Register, 1921-1938

Summary Financial Report, 1921-1938

School Taxes and Apportionments, 1935

Proceedings of Board Meetings, 1921-1938

Index of Chattel Mortgages, 1931-1938

With Residence and Term of Office, 1921-1938

State of Wisconsin, 1922-1935

Town Treasurer's Bond, 1922-1937

Constables' Bonds and Oaths, 1924-1938
Volume 51939-1967

Town Meetings, 1939-1966

Board Reviews, 1966

Board Audit Meetings, 1939-1953

Receipt Journal, 1939- 1957-8

Order Register, 1940-1967

School Taxes and Apportionment, 1940-1942

Proceedings of Board Meetings, 1939-1967

Officers and Term of Office, 1939-1965

Oaths of Officers, 1939-1967

Treasurer's Bond and Oaths, 1939-1967

Bond and Oath of Justice of the Peace, 1941-1963

Official Bond and Oaths, 1941-1945

Description of Boundaries, 1959

Memoranda, 1940-1947
Box 1Descriptions of land, 1938