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Athena Pages: Editing a Page: Properties Tab

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NOTE: If you are looking to activate or deactivate an already created item click here.

This article is for editing the Properties tab in the Pages app in Athena. When editing pages, the Properties Tab allows you to edit basic info, media, a contact form, navigation, and an announcement banner for your page to better sort it on the website. Below are brief descriptions of each box in the Properties Tab.

  1. Review the Page URL for accuracy.
    NOTE: The page URL is the path of the page and is automatically generated when a page is made; it is built based on the unit URL plus any parent pages followed by the page name. The Page URL cannot be altered by the contributor once a page has been created; if you think it needs to be altered, contact the Help Desk for guidance.
  2. Edit the Parent Page as needed.
    NOTE: Altering the parent page may result in broken links and other unexpected outcomes.
  3. (Optional) Select or add a new Featured Image as desired.
    NOTE: If a page has no featured image, the page will appear in certain listings with a brand color instead. For help adding a new image, see Adding an Image, Editing Image Properties, and Cropping an Image.
  4. (Optional) Select or add a new Featured Video as desired.
    NOTE: This will replace the featured image with the selected video. For help adding a new video, see Adding a Video and Editing a Video.
  5. Set the Does this page have a contact form? as desired.
  6. Set a Contact Location as desired.
    NOTE: Generally, this should be left blank to inherit the unit's contact info and location; it should only be overridden in special circumstances.
  7. Set Show sidebar navigation? as desired.
    NOTE: An Edit Navigation button will be displayed if you have appropriate permissions to edit the selected navigation.
  8. Set Show the Announcement? as desired.
    NOTE: If Yes is selected, more fields will appear to further configure the announcement.
    • Announcement Title: Add a title for the announcement.
    • Announcement Content: Add content to the announcement.
    • Announcement Button URL: Adding a URL will automatically add a button to the announcement.
    • Announcement Button Label: Set a label for the button.
    • Announcement Publication Date/Time: Set when the announcement should start displaying. If no explicit publication date/time is set, the announcement will be published as soon as the "Save and Publish" button is clicked.
    • Announcement Expiration Date/Time: Set when the announcement should stop displaying. If no expiration date/time is set, the announcement will stay published.
  9. Click Save and Publish.
  10. Proceed to the Page Overview tab.
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