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Athena Locations: Editing a Location: Content Tab

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NOTE: If you do not see this option in the menu, you do not have permissions to this area. Contact the Help Desk if you think you should have access but do not.

NOTE: If you are looking to activate or deactivate an already created item click here.

This article is used for editing the Content tab of a Location in the Location app in Athena.

  1. Edit the Name of the location as desired.
    NOTE: If the location is inside a building, the Name field should be set to inherit from its parent by using the building and room number tokens. Snippet: [:bldg:] [:room:]
  2. Edit the Common Name of the location as desired.
    NOTE: The Common Name acts as a nickname for a location (i.e. Dakota Ballroom or Towers). This field is optional and is often left blank.
  3. Edit the Abbreviation of the location as desired.
    NOTE: This field should almost always be set to inherit. The abbreviation is the abbreviated form of the parent location that is entered when first adding the location to Athena.
  4. Edit the Building as needed.
    NOTE: This field should almost always be set to inherit, except when the location is a building itself.
  5. Edit the Room Number of the location as desired.
    NOTE: The Room Number should only contain the numbers of a room followed by any letters for that specific office or space (e.g. 130E). What is entered here can be used as the [:room:] token.
  6. Edit the Description of the location as desired.
  7. Edit the Latitude and Longitude as desired.
    NOTE: If the location does not have a physical street address, such as a landmark like The Sprites, you can provide latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates to help with Google Maps-style navigation. Learn how to find the coordinates of a place using Google Maps.
  8. Edit the Phone, Fax, and Email as desired.
    NOTE: The phone, fax, and email should normally be added to the Unit via the Info tab, except where the location phone number, fax, and email needs to be more specific than the Unit would allow.
  9. Edit the Link URL (legacy) or Page (preferred) as desired.
  10. Edit the Primary Image
    NOTE: Add a primary image that can be associated with the location. This image will be used to represent the location wherever a photo is required. This is separate from the images tab.
  11. Select the appropriate Location Types.
    NOTE: It is important to select the appropriate location type (i.e. for Schofield Hall, select the "Building" type; for Schofield 130, select the "Office" type).
  12. Click Save.
  13. Proceed to the Relationships tab.
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