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macOS: Enterprise Connect

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Enterprise Connect assists UW-Eau Claire students and staff in updating their passwords on campus Macs, preventing keychain errors from happening. Once a user logs into Enterprise, it automatically maps the H, P, and W drives to the computer.
NOTE: This application only works for the University Macs and will not work on personal computers.

Using Enterprise

  1. From the Desktop, navigate to the Go menu and select Applications.
    Open Applications
  2. Click and open Enterprise Connect.
    Open Enterprise Connect
  3. Log in using your University username and password.
    NOTE: Once you log in, the window will automatically close.
    Log in

To Map Additional Networks

  1. In the menu bar, click the key icon.
  2. Select Open Enterprise Connect...
    Open Enterprise Connect
  3. Click the drop down arrow and click Shares.
  4. Click the plus in the lower left corner to add a new entry field.
  5. Type the address of the networks you want to add.
    network address

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