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(Archives) Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Using Find and Replace: An Overview

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This article is based on legacy software.

Dreamweaver's Find and Replace is a tool you can use to search for specific text or HTML tags. Once the tag or text you are searching for has been found, you can change individual or all instances of it to something else within the document you are working on, within selected documents, or throughout your website. This document discusses the options found in the Find and Replace dialog box.

Accessing the Find and Replace Dialog Box

  1. To access the Find and Replace dialog box, from the Edit menu, select Find and Replace...
    Press [Ctrl] + [F].
    The Find and Replace dialog box appears.
    find and replace

Where You Can Search: Find in Options

The Find in pull-down list offers the following options for searching:

Selected Text
Searches the text you have selected.

Current Document
Searches only the open (active) document.

Open Documents
Searches documents that are currently open.

Searches a folder that you have selected.

Selected Files in Site
Searches files you have selected from the currently defined local site.

Entire Current Local Site
Searches all files within the currently defined local site.

What You Can Search For: Search Options

The Search pull-down list offers the following options for searching:

Source Code
Searches for text in the Code view.

Searches for text in the Design and Code view.
NOTE: This search tool will ignore any HTML code that interrupts words or letters in your search.

Text (Advanced)
Searches for text strings while allowing you to specify tags that should or should not be included in the search.
HINT: With this tool you can set conditions which will act as filters for the search.

Specific Tag
Searches for a specific tag.
You can also specify an attribute of the tag. Replacement options for this type of search are numerous. For example, you can replace a tag, replace contents of a tag, delete contents of a tag and set an attribute for a tag among other things.

Additional Options for Defining Your Query

The following are additional options available by selecting the Options check-boxes:

Match Case
Searches for text with the same letter case as you typed it.
EXAMPLE: A search for History would not find history.

Ignore Whitespace
Search treats all white space as one space.
HINT: This can be helpful when searching code. A search for Dream weaver would find Dream weaver and Dream weaver, but not Dreamweaver. This option is selected by default.

Use Regular Expressions
Searches for text strings or patterns that you define using special characters
EXAMPLE: Using ^The, you can search for lines that begin with The.
NOTE: Regular expressions can be grouped or nested, adding a lot of power to your search. For a complete list of characters, search for regular expressions in Dreamweaver Help.

Match Whole Word
Searches for text regardless of the case you typed it with.
EXAMPLE: A search for and would find only the word and, not stopping for ampersand or expand.

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