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(Archives) Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Forms: Input Tag Accessibility Options

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This article is based on legacy software.

The Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box is used to improve accessibility for users of forms. This document will describe the options found within the dialog box and what their implications are. By default, this dialog box appears when any form field is inserted.

input tag accessibility attributes


The ID is a new addition to the Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box. It is used to assign an ID to the form field that can be referred to by other web development programs (e.g., JavaScript).


The Label is what your users see displayed next to the form field.

Style Options

Wrap with label tag
The <label> </label> tag will entirely encompass the code concerning the check box. This option ensures that the check box label and the check box itself will always be next to each other.

Attach label tag using 'for' attribute
With this option selected, a user is allowed to select the check box itself or the related label text and still register a selection with the designated check box. This label style option is recommended to promote optimal accessibility on a web page.

No label tag
This option allows for a label to be omitted and added later.
WARNING: Be sure to add labels at a later time. Failure to do so will make the web page less accessible.

Position Options

Before form item
This option places the label text before the form field.

After form item
This option places the label text after the form field.

Access Key

By typing a letter in the Access key text box, form users will be able to press [Alt] + [selected letter] to select the designated check box.

Tab Index

By typing a number in the Tab Index text box, you determine the order in which objects will be selected when [Tab] is pressed (Objects include links, media objects, form fields, etc.).
Be sure to number your tab objects in ascending numerical order (e.g., 1, 2, 3) and do not skip any numbers. If these instructions are not followed, the tab order will revert to the visual layout order.

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