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CampS: Accessing and Submitting Your Financial Aid Award (Students)

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Once you view your financial aid package, you are required to accept or reject the award items. This document will show you how to access your financial aid award package and how to accept or decline the various items in the package.


Accessing Your Financial Aid Award

  1. Log onto MyBlugold CampS from the UW- Eau Claire homepage.

    New First-Year Students: Sign in using the username and password that you received in your orientation materials located in a small white envelope which was stapled to your Orientation brochure.
    NOTE: If you have already changed the password that was included in your Orientation materials, then you need to use that password. If you have lost your password, contact Orientation at 715-836-5053 or email

    Returning Students: Sign in using your regular UW-Eau Claire username and password.
  2. Click Main Menu.
  3. Click Self Service.
  4. Click Student Center.
  5. In the Finances section, click View Financial Aid.
    The Select Aid Year to View page appears.
    financial aid
  6. Click the aid year you wish to view.
    The Award Summary page appears, showing information for the Academic Year and by Terms. This page allows you to view a summary of your aid and links to the Accept/Decline Awards.
    award summary

Accepting/Declining Your Awards

  1. From the Award Summary page, click the Accept/Decline Awards button.
    The Awards Package page appears.
    NOTES: Grant, loan and scholarship areas will be active for accepting or declining awards.
    The specific aid type listed in the Awards column is a link to additional information.

    award package
  2. To accept all of the loans being offered to you, click the Accept All button.
    To Accept a portion of a particular loan, in the Accept box next to the loan amount, place a check mark. Then, highlight the loan amount to reduce it.
    NOTE: If you reduce the amount of the Subsidized Direct Loan being offered to you, the Unsubsidized Direct Loan will automatically become unavailable to you. This is because you would always want to maximize your subsidized eligibility before borrowing unsubsidized funds.
    To decline all loans, click the Decline All button.
    To decline a particular loan, in the Decline box to the right of the loan amount, place a check mark.
    To clear all of your changes up until you click the Submit button, click the Clear All button.
  3. To finalize and save your update(s) click Submit.
    NOTE: When you click the Submit button to accept particular items in the financial aid package, you will be given more information and led through a series of screens giving you instructions and providing you with paperwork that may need to be printed, signed, and returned to UW-Eau Claire before the loan(s) can be disbursed. Follow the instructions on those screens. To revisit instructions and the forms at a later time, simply go to Accept/Decline Awards, choose the desired aid year, and click on the specific award. You will see information and a link to more instructions and the option to request a paper copy.

    Once you have clicked the Submit button, you may continue to reduce your loans until they have been processed. After that, any reductions or increases will require you to contact the Financial Aid office to have your eligibility reassessed.

Reporting Other Financial Aid

You must report outside scholarships and other financial aid resources. To do so, go to the Finances section in the Student Center and click on Report Other Financial Aid. For more information on reporting outside financial aid, refer to Reporting Financial Aid from Outside Sources.

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