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FLIIE Award Recipients

Faculty-led International Immersions

Below are the current recipients of the FLIIE awards. To see information about each program, go to the Study Abroad homepage, select Programs, then search by program name or location. To see all immersion programs, type the word "immersion" in the program name search field.

Summer 2021 Programs: Now accepting applications!

  • Argentina: Society, Culture and Economics
  • Central European Travel Seminar (CETS) (no longer accepting new applications)
  • China: Globalization
  • China: Representing Cultures in Southwest China
  • England: Tales of King Arthur
  • Finland and Estonia: Sustainable Societies
  • Great Britain: Public History

Winterim 2021 Programs (all Winterim 2021 FLIIE programs have been cancelled)

  • Guatemala, Social and Environmental Justice
  • Belize, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • South Africa, Social Work
  • Thailand & Laos, Hmong Cultural Studies
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