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Benefits Summary

A snapshot of the benefits

There are countless benefits to becoming a Blugold employee including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, retirement programs, vacation time, medical leave and worker's compensation.

To view the benefits you may be eligible for, check out the 2020 Employee Benefit Summaries or ASK Alex.

2021 Benefit Summaries

University Staff 2021 Benefit Summary

Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited 2021 Benefit Summary

Executive 2021 Benefit Summary

Graduate Assistant/Short-Term Academic Staff 2021 Benefit Summary


2020 Benefit Summaries

     University Staff Employees (hourly Employees)

     Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited appointees

     Graduate Assistants, Employees-in-Training, Fellows, Scholars and Short-Term Academic Staff Employees


Employee Wellness and EAP

Employee wellness is a type of preventative benefit offered here. It's a set of completely free resources for all employee types to assist with work and life issues. Check out these options:

  • KEPRO - Free, confidential, 24/7 assistance for ANY work or personal life issue you or your family members may face.  Username: SOWI 
  • Seven dimensions of employee wellness: Resources for your physical, social, intellectual, emotional, occupational, spiritual and environmental development.

Note: Not every employment category at UW-Eau Claire is eligible for all types of benefits. If you become a Blugold employee, Human Resources will walk you through your specific situation.

Country music star, Hunter Hayes, performing at UW-Eau Claire in Zorn Arena

Big-city amenities, small-town feel

If quality of life is a factor in deciding where to live, then Eau Claire offers the best. With a strong sense of community, growing industries, a low cost of living and a nationally known arts and music scene, it’s hard to find a better place to live.

Living it up in Eau Claire
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